May 25, 2022

With elections at close quarters, It is high time we place a highly critical look at the “Watchdog” in our society(The fourth Estate). The media is widely known and indisputably revered as a key piller in our democratic process. Despite this profound and significant task, a segment of Liberian Journalists has often times let our society down due to greed. With elections on the horizon, Journalists, mainly some “TALKSHOW HOSTS” will sit on their respective platforms and caution the voters against commodification ( selling) of their votes. But, the uncomfortable truth is that, just as voters sell their votes, many Talkshow hosts are sellouts and have already sold out their platforms to the Government. Many of these Talkshow hosts and Journalists have become “Weaponized Client Journalists” for Mr. Weah. These Talkshow hosts and Journalists are on various media platforms across the country working at the dictates of the Government.

Astonishingly, these Journalists are collaborating with the government against the interest of the state and in flagrant disregard to the ethics of journalism. One can not profess to be a journalist and is only critical of the opposition. We must be critical of both the government and opposition figures and policies.

As we champion the need for journalists to operate in a free society, it’s important to note that Some of the dangerous and dishonest men our nation has ever produced are found in the media. These biased and unprofessional  journalists would go at any length to protect Mr. Weah as long as the dollars keep flowing into their pockets. These are pathetic and desperate regime ‘collaborators’  that have been masterfully positioned in a symbiotic scheme with the government  to attack Mr. Weah’s Arch-rivals—( Boakai and Cummings). Their mandate  is simply, to put blind eyes on Weah’s gross incompetence and spread disinformation about the opposition and at the same time fine-tune the flaws of Mr. Weah and his inept government. These  journalists are ‘HIRED GUNS’ that are ready to fuel tension and spark instability at the command of Mr. Weah. They would say and do anything to bring down Weah’s rivals. These compromised gatekeepers’ are on the standby to support this miserable and despotic regime headed by a misfit and incompetent leader whose providing poor stewardship in a misplaced terrain.

What moral ground do you have to tell someone not to sell their votes when you have already sold your views and your platforms ? Damn! this is unspeakably disappointing.

There are many brothers in the media who claim they are journalists and are not. They are microphone mercenaries who only survive on blackmailing of politicians and foreign business nationals. They use the term ‘ Investigative journalism’ as the cover-up for their blackmailing scheme.

As I conclude this write-up, I would like to admonish the Press Union of Liberia to play a decisive role in handling these unscrupulous elements that are bringing shame to this noble profession called JOURNALISM.

Writes: Varney Diggs

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