Shame On Gangsterism –A Violent Displayed In Gd. Cape Mount Story To Sadly Overwhelm A Political Success Story

A renowned Political Observer and veteran Analyst who has religiously followed the political hullabaloos in Grand Cape Mount County which landed in court, has described as shame on gangsterism, the alleged performance of Mr. Victor Watsons’ supporters who stormed and reportedly carried out action inimical to the culture and practice of modern democracy.

The veteran who asked not to be named, told this medium Sunday, July 4, 2021 that what allegedly transpired at the occasion during celebration when after a lengthy legal tussle, the National Elections Commission (NEC) finally declared Simeon Taylor winner of the senatorial election of December 8, 2021, sent a clear signal of greeter things to come or happen in the great 2023 general and presidential elections when many supporters and loyalists, will not be good managers of their respective emotional contents.

The Political Observer continues that the alleged gangsteristic action of the supporters of Watson should serve as a wakeup call for the NEC  to be proactive svoid of questionable behavior that could create unwarranted suspicions that could quickly develop into  mistrust in the minds of  many supporters across the political divide; in the performance of its sacred national duty, adding, as the 2023 will be so politically charged, the episode of Grand Cape Mount is just a tip of an iceberg, if NEC does not portray  a reflective openness for all to see.

The Observer noted that all should also be mindful, that there will be tempting moments when upon hearing that their candidates have lost the elections; could venture into some unpleasant activities that might cause some delay , therefore NEC should strive to present itself, and maintain a posture, as far as possible  without shining leaning.

Regarding the court (Supreme Court), the Observer noted that the incident in Grand Cape Mount senatorial row must be a warning shot not to drag and unnecessarily delay (elections) hearings because while the Chief Justice, Cllr. Francis S, Korpor is on record when he stated that the judiciary is corrupt while judges forsake or abandon the interest of their clients for those with more to offer, he should keenly remember that delays are also dangerous to an emotionally charged event or process.


It can be recalled when a local daily reported that amidst prolong hearings into allegation of electoral fraud that emanated from the December 8, 2021 senatorial election in Grand Cape Mount County, the National Elections Commission (NEC) has finally ruled in favor of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Candidate, Simeon Taylor as winner of the election.

In his ruling on Friday, the NEC Hearing Officer, Atty. Fumba Swaray indicated that appellant Victor Watson of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) failed to provide evidence of allegations made against Taylor, and as a such, the result of the December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election is sustained.

Since the election, the county has been underrepresented, with one Senator being left out due to the complaint filed by outgoing and Senator Watson to NEC.

In his complaint, Watson alleged that Senator- elect, Taylor, along with his family (all eligible voters) registered and voted in his favor.

However, the NEC, in its investigation, revisited Grand Cape Mount election manifest and the Final Voter Roll but could not find anything backing Watson’s claims. The NEC reaffirmed Simeon’s overwhelming victory for the second time on grounds that the allegations lacked merit and substance to overturn the results of the election, something which provoked the appellant to have taken an appeal to the Supreme Court through his legal team headed by Cllr. Swaliho Sesay to the supreme Court.

During the hearings of the appeal by the Supreme Court, it was mandated that NEC reconvene and exercise complete due-diligent into Watson’s allegation, said was adhered to by NEC and the hearing officer, again, took jurisdiction of the situation and has finally ruled in the matter.

Hearing Officer Swaray in his July 2 judgement said the NEC has conducted a thorough investigation as mandated by the Supreme Court in its judgment of April 22, 2021, and “The investigation did not unearth any evidence to prove the allegation of pre marked ballot, stopping of pool watchers from entering polling places, forging of poll watchers’ signature on the record of the count, that Simeon Taylor registered twice and voted twice for the 2020 Special Senatorial Election, that persons accused of being family members of Simeon Taylor registered more than once and voted more than once in District #1, and as such, this hearing finds it fit to reaffirm Simeon Taylor as winner of the

-Writes GDJ


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