Shame Beyond Bearing -Indeed, Vigorously Confronted With Grim Worrying Combination Of Troubling-Circumstances

Can President George M. Weah pull out his troubled-leadership vessel saddled with absolute incompetence; loaded with sycophancy, and endless corruption, entrenched impunity and cronyism coupled with appeasement of buddies and praise-singers; out of this imposed angry ocean of people, politically eclipsed  to drown in their anger; and place it on ‘dry-dock’; and begin to conduct a thorough and systematic overhaul of the leadership vessel, mend the problematic holes; lubricate the rusty joints and professionally  smoothen the misplaced rough edges in the leadership realm.?

        As pundits are craving on bended knees and asking just how many more tense things can get before somebody’s nerve breaks, and despite all of the sticky national problems and unfolding developments, disdainfully and mysteriously obtaining in the country, which seem to have profoundly overwhelmed the governing system, whereby sending out thrilling signals of could-be dangerous violation of procedure exposing the leadership being caught with one foot off the ground as  President Weah has elected to be away from the country close to three weeks with his personally chosen delegation, therefore bringing into  vividly reminder, few lines from the Reggae Legend, the late Bob L. Marley that “when the cat is away,” then what becomes of the mice? While thousands of United States Dollars of taxpayers’ money spent to foot the bill of the chartered plane including allowances (Foreign DSA) for entourage, when in fact, the length of his visit is too long which is capital intensive for a cash–scrapped country like Liberia; continues to rang a disturbing bell back home, although it is a glaring reality that the leadership and by extension the government cannot be convivial in the face of transparency and accountability; for sure, the thorough institution of or applied transparency and accountability, are complete vexation to the soul and spirit of the Pro-Poor regime.

        According to pundits, the memorability of the tons of governance hiccups critically and piercing weighing down greatly the leadership’s ability to cope with prevailing national obstacles, without an iota of any logical ways and means of finding amicable solutions to the damning, piercingly skyrocketing existing predicaments, that continue to heap shame beyond bearing for the leadership, and indeed, vigorously confronted with grim worrying combination of troubling-circumstances  that the leadership is becoming muscleless to take head-on, thus ‘Incarcerating’ the people to live in grave fear of unsafety, insecurity with dignified survivability,  and now  gradually slumping in the misery of deep-seated poverty-crunch. 

      Rummaging in the almost four years of President Weah’s leadership, it is interesting to clearly and openly note that Inspite of showering the administration with all the allocates for performance, achievements and accomplishments in a relatively short period of time as compared with all other administrations since July 26, 1847, it is equally noteworthy that the best yardstick to determine the glorification apportioned on the government is to firstly see the faces of the people on the home front coupled with the terrifying and nausea  songs and stories  sung and told and most often portrayed  as reflective of the uncountable chains of protestations nationwide for various reasons; and then, from there  the measurement taken thereof will truly become the genuinely unhindered and untampered determining factor between what is being said and what is being seen on the grounds.

       It can be recalled that  while flunking miserably and performing dismally again, headed by Dr. George M. Weah in international challenges, reflective to the governance system, with high-value-rated tenets widely acclaimed by the international community, has been severely bruised and grimly lacerated.

      As the unwelcoming Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Compact scorecard for Liberia is gravely heart-aching, morally questionable, prestigiously demeaning and damagingly disturbing in the crafty act of serious governance freed of reluctant attitude in delivering meaningfully with exemplified credibility.

     Earlier, (Monday, November 8, 2021) when Minister of Finance Planning and Development (MFPD), Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., appeared on the Spoon Talk Phone-in Show and quizzed if Liberia would this time pass the MCC‘s test; he carefully pointed out the very best that the leadership has done to pass nine out of 20 (twenty when the benchmark would consider 10 out of 20, yet slowly but softly conceded that Liberia will not make it.) Moreover, he was told straight to the face by callers that one cannot send his or her child to school only to be told at the end of the school year that he (child) passed in writing and spelling, when the hard fact of reality is that he or she failed and will repeat the class, no more and no less.

      Coincidentally, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel F. McGill also admitted that he has informed President Weah to dismiss all nonproductive or lack productive and progressive-results elements in the government which will be done at the government’s retreat, but as the all-powerful he sounded, this has not come to fruition until the MCC’s semi-‘obituary’ landed on the center-stage leaving blame-shifters gnashing their teeth.

      Pundits, without remorse or second thought, attributed the plight of the MCC’s scorecard as a systematic reflection of how Weah’s Liberia has flunked miserably again; noting that it is now badly scrapped in MCC’s scorecard for four years running; and forfeits US$500m to enhance important projects also trapped in performance quandary, when all that was required from the government is to pass 10 (ten) out of the 20 (twenty) set goals of the benchmark of the compact.

      This government should have fully been aware that such nerve-wrecking situation was long coming; for example, a leader who prides himself of being Female Commander-In-Chief to score 23% in girls’ education; despite the alarming vibration of reported rape cases of women, girls and even little ones including babies by evil-driven men and boys under his (President Weah’s) watch, speaks volume to say the least coupled with long chain of protests in most parts of the country. Indeed, those unpleasing postures should have served as a wakeup call to double up and brace the challenges with all seriousness, because forgetting to be mindful that he who fails to prepare, prepares to fail; and that the gloomy fate of Weah’s Liberia; flunking four consecutive times in the same course based on governance, is appalling.                


       At the same time, eligibility for the MCC funding is predicated upon a country passing at least 10 of the 20 indicators, as well as both categories “hard hurdles” categories – the political rights or civil liberties indicator, and the control of corruption indicator.

       The Weah administration scored 50% on rule of law, 94% on gender in the economy, 77% on land rights and access; but failed in primary education (27%), and protection of natural resources (19%). The government also failed with regard to girls’ education (23%), child health (33%), fiscal policy (38%), Inflation (17.0%), regulatory quality (38%), trade policy (37%), and government’s effectiveness (31%).

      However, the government did better in health expenditure (66%), while access to credit score was at 59%, immunization rates at 17%, and an impressive 83% on business start-up.

       The FY2021 scorecard year, the Weah administration failed to reach the 50% threshold, passing only nine out of 20 indicators. The highest marks this time were earned in the Ruling Justly category (5 out of 6 indicators passed), followed by Economic freedom (3 out of 8 indicators passed). Liberia performed poorly in the category of investing in People, passing in only 1 out of 6 indicators.

       During FY2018, FY2017, and FY2016, Liberia did achieve the threshold of 10 out of 20 indicators passed. The compact under the former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration came into force on January 20, 2016, and ended at midnight on January 20, 2021. 

        Meanwhile, Since President George M. Weah remarked, and little did he realize the far reaching impact and negative consequences it would paste on the troubled-image of the government concerning the people securing Television Camera (CCTV), to buttes their individual security and protection; besides reports about the ongoing numerous  gruesome murders and ritual killings throughout the country, wherein, some unknown perpetrators have now elected to open an avenue where wave of murdering people in their own homes or residences is becoming the latest fashion as police struggle to arrest would-be suspects, and bring them in for investigation, and if found culpable, sent to court for prosecution, to allay the rapidly growing and alarming fear and threat currently overwhelming the country some diehard supporters of the government see such development differently and totally contrary to existing reality.


        However, while it is stated that he who keeps his tongue, saves his life; the President’s statement some time ago; when crimes could not permit the people the comfort of safety and the beauty of protection about citizens owning CCTV, was not only an affront to them (people) who are craving very hard on bended knees to  just breathe in a country  where the economy is  irresponsive to the accommodation of their(citizens’) wellbeing; with no jobs and available opportunities to make ends meet, despite the constitution gives the citizens the right to seek happiness, which must be provided for the governed, from the governors (leaders) predicated on mutual contract of obligation enshrined in the organic law of the land;  did not go down well at all with them (people), as pundits concluded that it (President’s statement for citizens to own CCTV in their respective homes)  was tantamount to putting more gasoline in an already blazing flame, when in fact, it is the bounding constitutional obligation of the government to provide maximum security  or avenues for its citizens and to equally create the enabling environment wherein all can enjoy the fruits of  safety, security and protection.

     Moreover, political observers have, for now, translated the President’s statement for people to purchase CCTV to beef up their respective security as throwing jab at them (citizens/people), when in fact they have not the means to purchase even a transistor radio, let alone have asset to electricity to power the CCTV gadget besides the elites and the privileged few, who can overly afford the latter while still enjoying the luxury of assigned bodyguards to them and their respective residences 24/7,  providing maximum protection which covers their entire house-holds, would not  and do not feel the desperate security obstacles and grave pains and pinches the people endured always.     

       Make no mistake, the people are currently going through difficult times in their own country; with so many going to bed on empty stomach all because there is just no ways and means to lay their hands on something to at least bite on, and in the same vein, most common and defendless citizens in the country, cannot afford to sleep soundly as criminals are all over, rampaging and   inflicting death, terror, mayhem and uneasiness for them, while making away with their hard earned belongings.

       While seriously worrying about the unnecessary and wanton killings throughout the country with the added dimension of being brutally murdered at homes, many people, appearing very confused, disillusioned and disturbed, are nervously wondering why murder all over the place, and who are the kingpin entrepreneurs behind such gruesome and mysterious killings  causing the police profound sleepless night without  tracking down any suspects to restore hope, trust, confidence and a moment of peaceful calm and relief to the overly frightened people, in the security networks. 

    Until the government can take the unhindered lead by robustly bringing to justice, those culpable for the mysterious murdered of some citizens, Liberians remain very low-spirited and overwhelmed with perpetual fear for their safety and security, which is solely the responsibility of the government.

      Challenging the government to lead by example, march words with deeds, and be very pragmatic in demonstrating impartiality and fearlessly, in executing the law with emphasis on arresting and punishing, in keeping with due process of the killers of so many resourceful citizens, and by extension, all other Liberians victimized by such nefarious individuals, should not continue of be stamped with a lackadaisical notion. 

        According to the people, they are still worried and gravely concerned and perplexed about the mysterious and quizzical demise of the four auditors; the murdered son the late President William V.S. Tubman, John H. Tubman and the son of the late President William R. Tolbert, Liberia’s Peace Ambassador William Richard Tolbert, lll, with police report alleging that Tolbert’s death could be homicide; but  later on Wednesday, November3, 2021 in an interview with TRUTH 96.1 FM Radio Station in Monrovia through its (police’s) spokesman Moses Carter, noted that the act was murder including  an employed Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) lady who was also found dead in her house in Brewerville, was also an act of murder along with a chain of reported ritual killings all over the country, had not been thoroughly adjudicated and those responsible for the commissioning of such barbaric acts have not been arrested, tried and sentenced; to serve as deterrent for other potential would-be elements; it is becoming very frustrating to say the least; as often said, delays are dangerous; and therefore if the deaths of the victims cannot be handled, pundits are wondering whether Liberia will sooner than later transform into a mortuary before the government can begin to show some serious action of having the cases  dealt with in the court without fear or favor? But the Police’s spokesman pointed out that the police is investigating the cases involving Tolbert, lll, and the murdered immigration lady, Moud Elliott of late.

-Writes GDJ

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