Sham Impression: Governance Ineptitude, Economic Hiccups Grossly Exposed Vain Poor Power Play -As The Trumpet Sounds Too Close; What Will Be 2023 Effect On The Political Landscape? Will Green Leafs Truly Turn To Brown?

The all craved for 2023 will not be the moment of throwing punches; oh… no; but will it also, in the truest sense, commitment, neo-outlook and absolute a revolution, firmly concretized to break away from the old applied consistent and persistent colonial inspired concepts the  major players and key stakeholders always used to cow the electorates to completely succumb to the whims of the vote seekers at all cause, and by all means, this time, like in the November 16, 2021 four by-elections held in four counties respectively, and by reinforcement, replicate a day in the life the class of 15 senators at the examination (ballot box) center when the aftermath witnessed the returned of just two senators, which assisted in sounding the trumpet louder and clearer of greater days and much more amazing things to come, and happen, in the political sphere, now strategically overwhelmed with very big trouble of uncertainties reflective of demonstrated poor power play. And so, even the used fools and puppets can say good-bye.

Despite those who are perpetually stuck in the quandary mode of drowning deeply in what is considered the so-called party mandate; loose and reckless praise-singers for few brown coins and a teaspoonful of raw rice,  including elements profoundly relying on rigging and applied chicanery; the gravest burden of the challenge rests squarely on the shoulders of the so many talk show callers with deafening noise that  the current governance-troubled-leadership  will be sadly rewarded at the  2023 ballot box for a job chronically  abused and miserably reneged on against the vested interest of the electorates and the state; will not openly fall prey with drastic consequences from their respective consciences, as they join in with  the whims of the politically limping ruling elites and their clustered cronies and sycophantic  gravy seekers; when they too shall soon  fall flat on their faces in shame and phobia of helplessness, to speak truth to power that will be missionized during the 2023 poll out of cowardice  upon consumption of the devil’s  fixed  and twisted banquet; at which time, all the expensive  long vibrated noise before the poll to punish the ruling establishment, would have been quietly compromised like nothing of such nature was even stated in the first place. Wow…! Indeed, that’s the actual mindset of most of the empty-loud threat-chanters against the ruling power claiming to pay them handsomely with gloom and doom at the 2023 polls.

Uniquely, the time is coming when people will embark on jumping ships under lightning, thunder, rain and even fire, if that’s the way it ought to be, and while another nearing ill-internally rift-consumed batch of could-be, significantly force to reckon, has allowed itself as a collective unit to be disgruntledly dislodged in its once communal and united front of absolute cohesiveness by an overly frightened instant, clandestinely moving pin positioned inside a compass of a  disturbed  and very shaky catacomb, always spreading toxin at the heart of unity glued in cohesiveness, as some politically ill-baked player remains completely hooked on, while the political grim bait of crumbling despair and distress, who, under the influence of such political whitewashed  mission operative to torpedo the once structurally pieced together floating carrier with a no-nonsense  political message: you must now retire, follow or keep completely clear, and very far away from the helm, that was the unbending farewell political message to the incumbent and all his henchmen, has critically become  questionably unthinkable since the “political nightmare” eclipsed the smooth path of realism.

Now, in times like these, what can the most      heart-sickening-and-badly disappointed-and-inwardly-frustrated people say to these things? Will there be an alternative that can be so trustworthy, governance wise, very reliable in term of leadership and dependable in ensuring economic relief including viability with impact openly, clearly and positively felt as far as way down the growth and development of the political ladder; wherein citizens will have the opportunity to work and earn incomes with emphasis on even self-employment, and not to keep starving while waiting for some kind of crumb to mistakenly fall from some quizzical table after lengthy days of begging, before more saddled citizens can at least bite on something?

Amidst the sham impression, governance ineptitude, economic hiccups which had grossly exposed the vain poor power play, make no mistake, and don’t be fooled into thinking that the urgent need for an alternative force to lead the way to and after 2023 is becoming ever imperative than before if you continue to belly-dance in such a very crucial game changer political era, as the batch of key and major political players and stakeholders are busy toying with the people’s high hope  aspirations on the altar of either verbosity or bitter internal wrangling, and tearing each other apart as though they are the exclusive makers of time and change, and not the Most High Who alone owns, makes, gives and controls time, and not mortal men and women. The presence of the alternative to move the country forward since they (key players and stakeholders) are engaging vain and poor  power play at the expense of the people’s high expectations, forgetting to know that without time, there can be no change and without change, time has no meaning; a lesion that the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), after 12 consecutive years in the opposition community, has pathetically failed to keenly understand  the philosophized implication of the word CHANGE which they subscribed to without first knowing the twin connection of TIME to change and how to intersperse the latter to position the political credo with worthwhile result in line with time and change politically. This is a lesion the CDC did not learn well and is now fumbling all over the place with the word change, that in fact, just does not seem to exist, moreover, being felt from the leadership’s production to the governed’s trust, confidence, reliability, dependability and credibility, which urgently, but most importantly, have become the most expensive political precious jewels, so,  and now, very scarce for marred politicians to earn, and leading the 2023 battlefront politically; and with the manner and fashion in which the current national budget is sailing,  amidst grave harbored suspicions from some financial and economic  experts outside of government, with some vital government’s revenues intentionally not being captured in the budget,  attended by lousy and flimsy explanations from a senior and ideally located financial officer at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning; while opposition senators and representatives ignoring the clarion call from some of their various political heads of their parties, to reject the second batch of the controversial US$30K; despite the budget is a law; and money spent from it must is taxpayers’ and public resource that should be accounted for through transparency without tinted cover-up or whitewashed compromise, which has not been the case; again, (US$30K) allotted to each lawmakers as Legislative Engagement, and allowing the Executive an unhindered free cruising, thereby the passage of the budget is a resounding MUST, besides the public  outcry or the hue and cry; it now shows vividly that indeed, the nation and people are being dashed on the back burner.




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