Sen. Dillon Is Doomed Politically, If…

When shady impressionism is in bed with upright dishonesty and disregard for rule of law and order coupled with outrageous violations and denial of people’s rights to feel and be a part of wholesome functioning citizens in the land of their nativity; then don’t be fooled into thinking that such land is a fertile ground for the realization of one’s most cherished dream, instead it’s a land yoked by dreams and visions killers and dare not see others’ come through.

With the fate of the cleaning out of the voter roll update (VRU) no longer chained in order to curb its proliferation and overly unchecked mass-productions allegedly by the desperate to capture Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Lofa Counties no matter the aftermath cause and effect, it is now becoming clearer by the day as campaign curtain begins to be drawn wide open, indeed the time has come for the nation and the world at large to see the tallest chickens after the rain.

As it is no secret that the ruling establishment is on a vigorous take- the-most-three counties all-out attack; the reason is so simple to those who see politics as a dinner party; eat plenty, drink a whole lot line the pockets with the questionable, but floatingly commandeered ‘500’ newly printed Liberian Banknotes fictitiously done in the name of the country and not for an inch, serving the monetary crunch of the nation; but serious to the conquerors-ruling establishment whose motive is to settle score and send a resounding political message to the two counties.

Beginning with Montserrado, they are grieving and groaning too much over the manner and form in which according to them, Montserrado slipped through their fingers to the opposition camp when they have held that senatorial seat coupled with them being in the driver’s seat when such political damage was inflicted on them thereby bringing Senator Abraham Darius Dillon to the political limelight from there on, the sacred senatorial beans were spilled under the rubrics of TURNING THE LIGHT ON, a new dimension that  choked the closet of the senate’s traditional ways of  conducting their inner most business as usual.

After the closet got so choked and could no longer breathe comfortably with the problematic content therein, the content contained also therein started to suffocate; it’s when the public besides hearing time after time, got a firsthand knowledge of the various sizes, designs and colors of the skeletons notoriously stored in the closet. Most senators did not like Dillon’s light that came on in the senate that caught most of them with their pants down; and for this even if it takes their blood, sweat and tears, they will donate to ensure that Dillon gets the marching order after the December 8, 2020 activities.

And so with the massive cash flow breaking almost every ceiling including glass ceiling; with the establishment controlled sustainable food package short landing at the doors of all those induced to shape in the direction of their man Thomas Fallah determined with every weight including the alleged possibility of rigging the election; and knowing the high rate of the belly-driven sycophants chanting to send the ruling establishment a no nonsense farewell message at the ballot boxes while caving in to the variety of inducements floating around from the ruling establishment, it is now becoming difficult if not quite impossible for Dillon to have an easy ride as was realized in the previous election when he dealt a shattering blow to the ruling establishment of which it has not recovered from up to date; and as the inducements take center space in the race, and with hats in the hands, and not missing on any Fallah-prone occasions where the inducements flow as river, and up to now, Dillon has not even announced his campaign team, most of those professing and proclaiming to send the ruling establishment a serious message of regret, are gradually on board of the Fallah’s bandwagon; and with that, without hesitation political pundits are gradually reading the writing on the wall that Senator Dillon is doomed  politically, if he does not take political stock, take a look inside his camp and see just what’s going on and start to do those things he has very much overlooked due to the songs and stories he has heard over the time which are not carved in stone. For him, since the task now takes a long haul, it is expedient that he begins early and the best time to complete the overhauls is now.

For the second and third desperate spree by capturing Bass and Lofa is also simple and vivid, and that is to demonstrate or showcase their strength to the people of Bassa that they can get it just when the heart decides and to Lofa, a special wake-up call to Dr. Joseph N. Boakai that gone are the days of when home advantage was a force to reckon, and so they are set to cut it from right under him smoothly.

-Writes GDJ  

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