Scandal, Shame And Embarrassment In Gov’t -A Syndicate’s Booty Has Engraved A Scar on Liberia’s Soul

Several aggrieved political observers are critically bothered over what they see as grave, the fate of the 4,000 Liberia diplomatic passports now in the hands of those with undefined motives and unscrupulous operatives; thereby sinking the government in serious scandal, shame and embarrassment.

Now, is there any way that this barricaded-government can wipe away the shame and make good out of a bad situation which has attached profound international security snags-terrorism, drug and money laundering?

With the implication of the reportedly sold 4,000 Liberian diplomatic passports containing a grim international dimension which makes the vicious saga even much more troubling and desperately worrisome security-wise; the government, now stuck in a complete quandary, is too far from instituting any convincing platform of crisis management and damage control, as some of the would-be beneficiaries of the grand passports scandal could be heartless threats to global security through terrorism of which Liberia is not excluded.

Also, according to troubled-minded pundits, while terrorism is becoming nefariously successful in having its ways through; even in organized institutions including powerful and affluent countries; most of whom today bear the indelible pain-stricken scars like a somber day in the life of the great United States of America on September 11, 2001, will not for an inch, allow anyone hiding behind some shady diplomatic passports from a country rapidly drowning in an uncontrollable home-grown corruption, to disastrously creep on them again.

This, the pundits pointed out, does not only make the scandal, shame and embarrassment eroding the already fragile repetition of the government a matter of the highest magnitude, but a step further, the international security measurement involved and who has what and with unexplained motives; is where to begin digging for clue before the demented holders of such diplomatic passports unleashed their operations.

Amidst charges and counter-charges; claims and counter-claims; allegations and denials, which in no way can solve the chilly puzzle; one thing is certain, never twist an alligator’s tail while groaning in agony before a lizard and expect it (lizard) to laugh over it; knowing structurally that alligator is by far bigger, tougher and can withstand some degree of shock, they are all structured the same way.

More to that, he who has seen a dead boa constrictor in a particular forest will dare not make his farm in such forest because what will come to his mind is: do they live here? How many are they or could be here? What could be the cause of the death of this one boa and how secure will I be when I start my farming venture here? Therefore being mindful of the prevailing circumstances, he shall swiftly subscribe to the first law of nature which states self-preservation as the first line of safety or self-security.

Why most concerned citizens are on their knees crying out for international best practice to take center-stage in this passports fiasco; that all those allegedly connected, involved or suspected of being directly or indirectly linked be brought before an independently full- blown investigation to exonerate themselves including the names of political heavyweights and the fat cats mentioned by dismissed former Director of Passport Andrew Wonploe rather than comfortably  cruising in a corner refuting charges and spewing tons of implicating revelations against perceived-appropriate challenger.

This scandal, shame and embarrassment will go a long way in determining those who actually love and have the country and people wholly and solely at heart, the pundits noted, adding that the days of lip-services and impunity are facing the true colors of their significance and before vivid reality; it will be established that truth crushed to the ground shall surely rise again, so let no one be fooled into thinking that Liberia’s current regime-created insurmountable administrative snags, debacles and totally imposed backwardness will soberly parade through the needle’s eye without filling in the forms reality  check.

So grave is the lumbering crunch that Senator Nyonblee Kangar-Lawrence, Grand Bassa County’s incumbent Senator remarked: “As a proud Liberian, a Senator, and a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, I hope that these allegations, which now swirl around the President and the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, are not true. Because were they to be true, they would present us with our most embarrassing, shameful, and degrading international moment since the war brought our nation to our collective knees.”

However, not taking the statement lightly the embattled former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gbezohngar M. Findley, who is currently vying for the senatorial seat now occupied by Lawrence who remains ever determined to retain her seat; opened up as saying “I will say this to you all, that Senator Lawrence is believing in a criminal, she believes that what this criminal is saying is more credible than Gbehzohngar Findley, what it tells you –that she, herself is a criminal. Because if you believe in a criminal and come and brand somebody who is unblemished. If she knew the level of work that has done in this case, she wouldn’t be talking. She will be focusing on trying to take herself back to Grand Bassa and try to apologize to the Bassa people rather than calling somebody a criminal. She needs to apologize to the Bassa people for doing nothing for eight years,” Mr. Findley said.

Meanwhile, Findley intoned that “it is noteworthy to clarify, that while serving as Foreign Minister, all Honorary Consuls commissioned and issued diplomatic passports by the Government of the Republic of Liberia were judiciously and properly vetted in compliance with established international protocols, regulations, and laws. To this end, we wish to assure the public and the great people of Grand Bassa, that I will submit myself to any investigation home and abroad when and where necessary. Moreover, I wish to encourage former Director Andrew Wonplo to submit himself under the jurisdiction of the court. He cannot vindicate himself while on the run.

Findley is also calling on the former Passport Director Wonplo to return to Liberia and face justice for the crimes he has committed. Mr. Andrew Wonplo, was publicly designated by the Government of the United States of America for significant corruption and subsequently re-indicted by the Government of the Republic of Liberia for economic sabotage, misapplication of entrusted property, and criminal conspiracy.
It can be recalled that since this Diplomatic Passports Scandal mounted the stage of serious attention amidst startling revelations from former embattled Director of Passports Andrew Wonploe who spilled the beans in criminating top brass in government including the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gbezohngar Milton Findley; the chills of past developments without the slightest hesitation, are looming over the nation and people with optimistic fear and questionable truth that end must be exhausted with  cogent evident.

Again, as former Director of Passports, Andrew Wonploe  continues to call names of those heavily involved with the massive  sale of passports, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, has claimed that the allegation that he participated in the sale of Liberian passports to foreigners around the world is a baseless and trashy allegation.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, often acts in the place of the Chief Executive (i.e. President Weah) when it comes to the issuance of diplomatic passports.  The passport scarcity was planned illegally and executed by the Government of Liberia represented by Gbehzohngar Milton Findley.  Gbehzohngar is currently using proceeds from said illegal transactions to fund his campaign,” Wonplo’s statement said.

-Writes GDJ






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