Say No To Weah’s Referendum!

Authored By Julius T. Jaesen, II

I’m deeply saddened by the blatant violations of our organic law by the government of George Weah and his 4G rush to alter provisions in our constitution through a forceful and bogus referendum. The government time in and time out have cried that she doesn’t have money to hold chiefdoms’ elections that our law requires a responsible government to do. Now, where is the money coming from to force referendum on us to change our constitution only to satisfy the White Supremacy Agent in George Weah? We should better focus our resources on holding local government elections which is by law than holding a referendum on a few propositions that we do not find necessary to change at this time.

For example, one of the proposals is suggesting that we change the six-year term of a president to five years. This, I found it not necessary to waste taxpayer’s money on. What is the real difference between six and five? It is virtually the same. Why want to spoil money on this? At least it would make sense if we were changing from 6-year term to 4-year term.

Besides, it appears disdainfully disturbing and disingenuous for the President to force dual citizenship into the proposals when the Liberian people unanimously objected and rebuked that suggestion in the constitutional review process done across the country. The noble people of this country have intoned their loudest voice that they are not prepared to place a dual citizen clause in our organic law. Nevertheless, I’m not surprised how this surfaced among the list of propositions. I can recall very vividly in 2018 during President Weah’s first State of the Nation Address supporting the call to grant dual citizenship to Liberians who took up citizenship elsewhere. We know that Weah’s son Timothy Weah is an American citizen and by virtue of his mother Jamaican birth, he has not lost his Jamaican citizenship as well. Now, when this law is passed, wouldn’t Timothy exploit this opportunity to illegally acquire Liberian citizenship giving his father’s influence for him to hold Liberian citizenship after all when Weah’s quest for dual citizenship is squarely based on Timothy? The granting of dual-citizenship has not any genuine economic benefit to our country, as it would only be to the benefit of those who seeking dual citizenship not Liberia itself as a country. Without even dual citizenship being granted, we have seen Liberians who denounced their Liberian citizenship and took up American and other nationalities came to work in our country and corrupted our system and took a flight to the countries they hold allegiance to. Ellen Cockrum’s case is still fresh in our memory to forget so quickly.

We see no relevance in forcing a referendum on the Liberian people at this time when we have seen how illegally and criminally the outcomes of the last referendum went in 2011. In 2011, the Johnson-Sirleaf led administration forced four prepositions on us to go to referendum, something that the Liberian people through the power of their votes objected all the four proposals to amend our constitution in the Sirleaf’s referendum. But regrettably, the Unity of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf through its learned lawyer, Varney Sherman and the late Cllr. Brumskine, rushed to the Supreme Court to overturn the popular will of the Liberian people expressed in the referendum.

Now, being cognizant of these with the memory still fresh in our minds, it seems to me that the Weah’s referendum is another fiasco and a trap to impose on us an amendment to our constitution we do not support in any way and form. This is the reemergence of Ellen’s referendum to forcibly change our law under the pretext of a referendum, and when our people object to all, which they are prepared to do, with Weah already showing ample interest in changing our law, he can now run to the court like Varney Sherman, Ellen and Brumskine did in the 2011 so-called referendum. Worse of all, we believe anything can happen at the Supreme Court that is already rubberstamp and has compromised its once hallowed reputation and independence. We have seen the displayed of presidential tyranny on the part of Weah to remove a sitting Supreme Court Justice only because he held a dissenting opinion to the fraudulent elections that imposed Ellen’s Trojan horse, George Weah on us as President, what more if he wants to impose his will on us to change the people’s voice in the referendum.

It is even shamefully embarrassing while the National Elections Commission has not set any date for the holding of the referendum, but yet Weah has gone on an illegal campaign with his growing dictatorship by placing banners with his picture all over the country to illegally change our constitution.


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