Savagism and Thuggery – Leader Of OPRM Describes Attacks On Hon. Yekeh Kolubah

The leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement, Mr. Robert Decontee Wilmot Yeani Moncio Kpadeh has described as savagism and thuggery attacks on the person of District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah by some citizens in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh early this morning.

OPRM Full Statement

From all indications, the horror we just witnessed today in Zwedru seems a calculated plot viciously designed by powerful hands to lynch a controversially dissenting Yekeh Kolubah, as the venom and fierce aggression were mostly chanted at him. We hope this is not the dawn of a new era targeting critics and dissenters of the ruling establishment. Thank God such a malicious and sadistic plot didn’t succeed. We call on the aggressors not to ever repeat such indecent, barbarous, egregious and thuggery act, as it only threatens or undermines the peace of the country. Such folly and counterproductive behaviour certainly has no place in our striving democracy and remain anathema to civility.What happened in the city of Zwedru a few hours ago can be described as an act of savagism and thuggery, to say the least. This is downright wrong and with the greatest emphasis, I condemn such bellicose, nefarious and uncouth conduct by some mad and unscrupulous elements within the City of Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County. It must be made crystal cleared that such hooliganism has no link to the character and conscience of the resilient people of Grand Gedeh county. May I inform all and sundry that such belligerent madness has the propensity to ignite violent conflict and subsequently jeopardise Liberia’s fragile peace, as such, it must be discouraged by all who are interested in maintaining the peace of the country. Remember, no one man or group has a monopoly over violence. Should Yekeh Kolubah’s group decide to revenge, a conflict is immediately spurred and the dire consequences thereof we know as people who have experienced fifteen years of dreadful civil war that reportedly claimed 250k lives.

I wonder why the government hasn’t issued a statement condemning such wicked and uncivilized conduct. Has this not been brought to the attention of Mr. George Weah and his national security brass? I also wonder why the Religious Council hasn’t said a word yet. And I wonder why the International Partners and the U.S. Embassy haven’t uttered a word regarding this horrifying episode. We are watching!

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