Samuel Tweah Suffers Backlashes for Criticising UP Chairman Elect

By Robert Moncio Kpadeh

How can you claim to be a “Revolutionary Party” when you thrive on no ideological inkling, have no depth of the dialectics, no genuine people-centred cause and run by a man in George Weah who has absolutely no ideological orientation and zero insight of the dialectics? How, my friends?

Chanting Battle Cry aloud and fluently doesn’t make you a Revolutionary Party. Donning colourful berets, batches and boots don’t make you a Revolutionary Party? Referring to each other as “Comrades and Bos” doesn’t make you a Revolutionary Party. The usage of revolutionary enunciations doesn’t make one a Revolutionary. Unleashing savagery bravado on people who politically and fundamentally disagree with you doesn’t make you a Revolutionary Party. Brandishing deadly machetes in the public glare, instilling fear and echoing threats and diatribes to opposition figures don’t make you a Revolutionary Party. And may I say more?

A revolutionary institution is structured on ideological principles and value system(which is called a tendency in the dialectics), operates purely on its ideological beliefs, identifies and pursues a defined cause that is squarely people-centred, inspired by an ideologically driven vision and objectives on which it is profoundly regimented. When power is obtained it stays the course and meets the targeted objectives, it doesn’t turncoat as we see in Liberia today.

Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Raul and the rest of the Cuban Revolution had a clear mission to liberate, empower and dignify the Cuban people. Today, Cuba has the best doctors in the world and as I pen this little piece, Cuban doctors are on a historic Vaccine trial today for the COVID#19 virus. Illiteracy in Cuba is near zero. Healthcare is the best. The Cuban Revolution was successful and the evidence is there for the world to see.

In conclusion, here is what the iconic and legendary Revolutionary Che Guevara postulated about the Revolutionary: “The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated”.

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