Ruthless Aggression -An Unending Sad Tale Of An Embarrassed Country; Where The People Pathetically Live In Perpetual Grief And Misery

Calamities of all heights and volumes have transplanted the vernon of ruthless aggression in the hearts and minds of many so-called Liberian political movers and shakers totally disguised as nation builders and perceived angels of glowing democracy, are the iconic demagogues of acute impediment and cancerous wedge absolutely devoted to dividing and finally breaking down the cohesiveness of a united force with one goal, determination through the collective and genuine spirit of oneness.

On the home front, with the expectations of the people, contestants, and even the incumbent steaming up from the heat of the presidential and general elections, although so far away, but to them, too very close and don’t seem to have the urge to wait, it is equally so very clear about the presence of the demagogues who are the tyrants and owe their rise to the democratic  glory  by conning through surreptitious maneuverings to cling onto the  support of the masses, have already begun to show up their quizzical heads with loaded lips of chicanery and deceits.

The dangerous demagogues who plagued and pierced the ingredient of unity are the only enemies of democracy who pretend to be its (democracy) friend. In the same vein, demagogues do not accept or stand up in putting democracy protection alongside democracy promotion. Oh no, it takes too much from them to remain afloat to conduct their vicious and clandestine operations against the unique and supreme tenets of democracy rather will do everything dangerously grotesque, to protect, promote and advance the grim-eclipsed dubious and shady posturing of entrenched dictators. Yes, that’s just what they are capable to do, and must always do along with their misguided tentacles. In their tireless diehard quest to torpedo organized establishments time after time, like the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) they are inspired from the credo that you will have plenty of time to sleep when you are dead; but for now, keep away from the sleep, and do what is serious and most important; and keep running while the sun is hot.

        The Last Time CPP Nearly Died


As the CPP confronted with so many burning problems and pain-stricken challenges from within and without; the demagogues, with their master schemes of grand finale, could not have come at a more important moment than the formation, and also being a founding component  of the CPP, but with, and now being that double-face operative. However, to make and keep CPP safe and in comprehensive tact to win the 2023 presidential election, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party and former Vice President, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai inherited a fractured CPP in a very bad shape and barely breathing in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in need of every and all resuscitations to gain consciousness from the chronic nerve-wrecking virus called FRAMEWORK DOCUMENT TAMPERING.

To contain and progressively move forward with collective strength and the spirit of oneness, one purpose one determined and achievable political goal (victory) in 2023, Chairman Boakai wants all hands on deck, and is therefore calling for stronger ties among the four collaborating political parties, amidst political hassle that has swamped the collaboration, with claims and counterclaims over the alleged Framework document.

The tension among the four political parties heightened of late, as the Unity Party was preparing to take over from the Liberty Party, which saw the Chairman and Secretary-General of the LP taking aback to the procedure in which the transfer of leadership was being conducted, while the Alternative National Congress (ANC), one of the constituent parties to the CPP also expressed dissatisfaction over their exclusion from the process, leading them to boycott the event.

But Boakai who is competing for the Standard Bearer of the CPP on the ticket of the Unity Party, called on his colleagues who are disenchanted, to not allow differences and internal wrangling to divide the CPP, no matter how contentious they have become.

“Fellow Liberians and Partisans, the past few months have been fraught with difficulties creating anxiety in the public and a sense of implosion within the CPP. We recognize these challenges, which have occasioned internal wrangling and a distasteful impression,” Boakai stressed while accepting the Chairmanship of CPP.

“However, we implore you to not allow differences and internal wrangling to define the CPP, no matter how contentious they have become.

“This is because social, economic, or political conflicts are events that can be transformed into good. We must also see the positives in our differences, as these disagreements and healthy exchanges are the labor pains of the collaboration. Just as a mother experiences discomfort in childbirth but finds joy at the sight of her newborn baby, so also will our differences be transformed into unity and a common purpose in changing our country for the good of all.”

Under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Boakai and despite his efforts to keep the CPP intact, unfolding development continues to present itself as a badly cracked leaking clay pot loaded with water; struggling to patch the leaking spot, the (content) water gushes out on another side leaking out the water therein; A vivid example is the refusal of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) to attend a called meeting by Chairman Boakai, his first scheduled meeting which was honored by the other two collaborating parties-ALP and LP with ANC not in attendance.

However, pundits came down very hard on the Standard Bearer of the ANC, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings for  refusing to exercising some degree of flexibility if he actually meant well to see the very badly troubled-CPP gets a sigh of little relief considering the already mounting stress, distress and despair that have, and continue to weigh gravely on the CPP, by attending the first called meeting under a new chairmanship; and then at the meeting, whatsoever qualm(s) or misstep can be placed on the table for thorough discussion and amicably resolved internally and not blasting the dislike in the public glare; adding, for those who want to see absolute unity will no choose to fend the fence inwardly and not turn such issue into public  consumption, knowing that  making such a public  development, has not and will not help to quell the internal friction.

Most political observers who listened and read the action taken by the ANC in rejecting to honor the invitation (despite the pitfall in the protocol or procedural error) to attend the first Chairman Boakai-led meeting noted that Mr. Cummings, while not brushing aside his renowned maxim that one cannot keep doing  the same thing, and expect a different result, but in the collective efforts and spirit of sincerely mending the broken heart (CPP), it would have been praiseworthy to be present at the meeting, and registered the error in there; especially when the calamity simmering from the CPP allegedly borders on the era of your leadership, wherein most people are rating you as being a stanch demagogue in bed with extended anti-unity invisible hands coupled with your earned resources reportedly spent to make and break; should for the sake of saving the CPP, and shaming the critics and detractors, should elect to resolve same, at the round table, the error attending the invitation including all other factors generating the rift in the CPP, and  with a united front.

What must for now be lowered, is insisting on publicly teaching a lesion of governance and administration in mainly in a politically charged times like these, when political cohesiveness is most important (and as other archrivals are there to pick up the mistakes and changed them into odds, reflecting weakness to stay together) if the goal to make the incumbent a one term President as being widely proclaimed, is to become a vivid  reality coupled with the attached vested interest, hope,  aspiration and trust of so many people reposed in the CPP and its collectively sealed platform.

It can be recalled that a local daily in an interview with ANC’s Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings explains what led to him not attending the first called meeting under Dr. Boakai’s Chairmanship.

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) has missed yet another executive meeting of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) — meant to address the internal crisis in the opposition political group. The meeting was held on October 29, 2021.

Of late, the CPP has been going through a serious internal crisis, capsizing its unified position as a serious alternative to the ruling party the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

However, in a bid to heal the wounds, former Vice President Joseph Boakai, who currently heads the CPP as its chair, called for the CPP’s National Advisory Council (NAC) meeting to discuss issues relating to the strengthening of the opposition group and finding an amicable resolution to the framework document, which was alleged to have been tampered with by the ANC.

The scheduled meeting was attended by the political leaders of the Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party, along with other members of the NAC, “from those two constituent parties and the Unity Party.”

“Regrettably, there was absolutely no representation from the ANC at the NAC meeting,” the CPP Secretariat said in a release. “In keeping with the rules governing meetings of the CPP, every party must have at least a representation at every called meeting of the NAC and any other governing structure of the CPP.”

“Consequently, cardinal issues relating to the strengthening of the CPP and decision about the amicable resolution of issues of the framework document could not be discussed. It is hoped that the ANC will be fully represented at the next meeting of the NAC and other governing structures of the CPP,” the release added.

The NAC meeting, which was Boakai’s first as CPP Chair, bore the urgency to begin negotiations to unite the CPP, which has been burdened by internal disagreements.

Yet, the latest snub from the ANC shows that the crisis-prone CPP, despite calls from its broad coalition of voters to demonstrate wisdom and leadership in tackling major problems, is far from achieving unity as things stand.

Moreover, the former Vice President, who now heads the CPP for eight months, is widely expected to use his age and wisdom to address acute differences between the ANC’s Cummings and his accuser, Benoi Urey of the ALP, that has escalated to threaten the survival of the CPP on the one hand; and on the other hand, the internal wrangling within the Liberty Party, whose political leaders and national chairman are fiercely at loggerheads.

But the ANC, which feels it was wrongly accused of tampering with and altering the CPP Framework document, is not willing to concede an apology as demanded by the other parties. Rather, the ANC has demanded that the CPP be the one to apologize to the ANC for false accusations

And as long the trading of accusations persists, the ANC appears ready to wage political war both from within and from without.

The ANC has consistently justified its numerous absences from CPP activities, citing procedural errors and constitutional violations of the CPP framework document.

Notable among these is the ANC’s absence from the ceremony in which the helm of the CPP was turned over from the Liberty Party to the Unity Party.

The ANC, at that time, said its decision bordered on its exclusion from the planning of the turnover ceremony, contrary to the practices of the CPP, saying “We can no longer continue to tolerate a systematic pattern of conduct that willfully violates the established practices in the CPP.”

The party action is the first time in the history of the collaboration for political leaders of a constituting party to not attend a transitional event, a strong signal of how deeply divided the CPP had become.

The ANC, explaining its absence from the October 29 meeting, again cites procedure errors on the part of the CPP current leadership, head by Mr. Boakai.

According to the ANC, they were informed a couple of days before the meeting but requested an agenda, which was sent on the day of the meeting — making it difficult to prepare their position for the meeting.

The ANC’s Standard Bearer, Alexander B. Cummings, in a letter to his colleagues wrote that his party was missing the meeting due to the late arrival of the meeting agenda.

-Writes GDJ


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