Righteous Lofa—A Poetic Epistle In Honor Of My Native Homeland

July 1, 2022

Righteous is the fame of those who have the unyielding conscience and moral ethos to choose Good over Gold and right over wrong. For history shall revere and distinguish them as ennoble sons and daughters and their names shall be etched in the golden walls of the Hallowed Heavens. Mama Lofa, you are not only the glorious home of lions but you are a grandeur land of righteous sons and daughters. Honest, industrious, decent, competitive, consistent, bold, fearless, unassuming, kind, peaceful, and erudite are the fine characteristics that perfectly illustrate you,Mama Lofa.You are Lofa the name that bespeaks triumphant might, redemption, and fierce heroism.You give honor to whom honor is due and fear no one. In battle, you sheath your sword not. You fight ‘tooth and nail’ until final victory.Oh, Mama Lofa you are so beautifully diverse in many shades yet firmly homogeneous. Oh, beautiful Lofa, the world gazes at you and marvels at your phenomenal uniqueness, that no other place compares to. Your incredible and surreal sense of cultural and  traditional obedience astound the world in no small way.So, may we say, thank you for all you have done to distinguish us, your children, and may we say how proud  and glad we are to call you our native homeland. May your grandiose and  breathtaking landscape shine and dazzle the eyes of the world forever May your rich and spectacular mountains, plateaus, hills, evergreen forests, rivers, and arable soil never fade away.May your deep consciousness and daring might blossom far and wide, and your name reign supreme forever. And may you  never despair, no matter what.Thank you for loving us, teaching us, and inspiring us, Mama Lofa. Salute and glory to you,

Mama Lofa, our dear and

glorious homeland.

By: (Moncio) Robert W. Kpadeh—Sage


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