Revolution Mother Hits Town? -Which Way? Agnes Or Jewel

After the legal battle that dragged her to court and landed her in jail on charges like using child soldiers, torture and other nerve-wrecking criticisms and condemnations for her role played during the 14-year civil conflict that soiled over 250,000 people including massive destruction of properties and generating factors of production, it is now glaring to note that while the mother of the revolution is back in town, so many questions are being quietly advanced.

Dr. Agnes Reeves, ex-wife of former President Charles Ghankay Taylor and head of the disbanded National Patriotic Party of Liberia (NPFL) now serving a 50-year sentence in a London prison, has been known all long as the mother of the revolution whose interactions with the then gallant men and women of the erstwhile NPFL including the most precious Special Forces goes a very long way.

Upon the departure from power and subsequent exiled in Nigeria, the former men and women were left partly in the cold with no actually known-to-them, individual they could freely take their problems to for prompt attention and redress. As the father of the revolution  no longer visible on the political scene, and with the political party they have worked for to ensure its existence and viability politically is now in bed with the ruling establishment-Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) with Jewel Howard, the current Vice President and standard bearer of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) tremendously embroiled with internal wrangling over leadership crisis; it is in dire need of rescue.

At the same time, the gallant men and women of the ex-NPFL most of whom feel too tied to that political entity (NPP), have equally so complained that they have been lost out as there is no forceful and influential voice to speak out about their interest in the political equation and the dispensation of concerns and involvement in the party’s activities they fought for so long for its existence and survivability.

While it is true that both Agnes and Jewel are former wives of the father of the ex-NPFL revolution, pundits are pondering and asking where the low-down-played Special Forces and other now–made-passive militants can find easy recognition and accommodation coupled with the little help they have been accustomed to from the onset of the revolution and the way things have been unfolding therein

As the party is being embattled with a grave leadership hiccup combined with the urgent need for some levelheaded person(s) whose political soul has not been tampered with, and as the political race for power and relevance is gradually gearing up, the question is which way? Agnes or Jewel?

-Writes GDJ



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