“Retired But Not Tired” -Says Dr. Boakai; An Idle Mind Is The Devil’s W’shop

Amidst the political hullabaloos regarding Liberia’s badly deep-seated depression ravaging her profound sincere quest for a true and actual people-centered leader, former VP, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai (JNB) has mounted the front line with a cardinal message to serve honestly his people wherein they will realize the worth of their human value and the shared pride of the sense of belonging, adding, “retired, but not tired.”

Most refined scholars, experts coupled with those adequately and eloquently schooled in the craft of governance, have attributed the massive miscarriage in the governing system of Liberia is due to the total lack of openness, clear agenda of purpose to serve and not to be served, while ill-treating the their opportunity to serve by amassing overnight questionable wealth, outright abuse of the laws and constitution along with the lackadaisical lip service pays towards being the best leader since the birth of this nation just to name a few.

Based on the massive search for a leader who will serve rather than be served with the interests, happiness, respect for all government’s three branches and restoring genuine credibility to the latter, former VP Boakai has send out a clarion call: “give me the chance, I still have the energy to serve and I think the Liberian people need a leader who has been there and has worked with them”.

     Dr. Boakai also continues “the Liberian people have not really gotten the leadership that got them at heart. They need someone who knows what the problems are, I am not looking for power. I am looking for opportunity to serve. I am looking for no money”.

     Reiterating his appeal to Liberians to give him a chance to serve them as their next President he intoned that he has a vision of putting Liberia back on the map with its allies and setting the stage for the next generation of leaders. For him, he said, it’s not about getting the power it’s about serving his country and the people.

Reminding the Liberian people that an idle mind is the devil workshop, meaning conversely that the mind is a very useful and terrible thing to toy with carelessly, adding, “I am confident of receiving the standard bearership of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) because I see myself as the candidate that can take Weah down; and if the CPP wants to win and take Weah down, Boakai is the man to do that this is in no disrespect to my colleagues in the CPP.”

Touching on the tons of horrifying stories about the state of his health which according to them, is not encouraging, Dr. Boakai noted that he is strong, energetic, and has no problem to complain about. He believes some of the concerns about his health condition raised by people are not raised because those people are concerned about his health but because they want him sick.

       In an interview with the Costa online show over the weekend, the determined politician pointed out that “I am very grateful to people who are concerned about my health. I am very healthy and I know it. If I weren’t healthy with all honesty, I will not be vying for a position when I know I will not be able to serve.”

He observes that “those concerned about me not being healthy is not that they know that I am not healthy but because they want me not being healthy, but they are disappointed because I am energetic and have nothing to complain about, I move around. Let them transfer their sickness somewhere else.”

-Writes GDJ

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