Report About Deputy Speaker Koffa Tampering With NE Commission Is A ‘Malicious Lie’


News reports accusing the Deputy Speaker of Liberia, J. Fonati Koffa is totally erroneous and can be described as a “Malicious Lie” —with an embedded motive to tarnish his reputation.


Contrary to the falsehood that Deputy Speaker Koffa had commandeered Commissioners of the National Election Commission or NEC at his Capital Builfing Office to plot the possibility of rigging the impending By-election in his native Gran Kru, it has reliably gathered that it was rather the NEC who requested a meeting with Deputy Speaker Koffa in a bid to bring before plenary that they had some pressing financial challenges from past-due debts and other outstanding commitments that would likely affect the holding of by-elections by the constitutional period. Sources at the NEC have divulged that if NEC cannot settle these outstandings it has with people and businesses it will be difficult for people to do business with the election body.


Meeting with Deputy Speaker Koffa was significantly relevant given that he was the presiding office last week and for him to put this matter before plenary for immediate deliberation it would require him to understand the full depth and gravity of the crisis the NEC is faced with and how it could undermine the conduct of the by-election in the constitutionally stipulated period.


Deputy Speaker Koffa, as we factually gathered, did immediately reported the meeting and all that was discussed with NEC to plenary and thereafter called the Finance Minister Samuel Tweh and acquainted him with the pressing condition and the danger thereof.


He admonished the Finance Minister to treat the matter with exigency and also informed him that NEC contractors had threatened presentation for debt due them by NEC from the recently held special senatorial midterm elections.


From all indications, it is illogical, myopic, and unthinkable for anyone to postulate that the Deputy Speaker who is an erudite Lawyer will settle to meet NEC Commissioners in a public office to plot a fraudulent election. If the intent for that meeting was diabolical and crooked as claimed by the reports, Deputy Speaker Koffa would have met the Commissioners in a “Dark Room” far in a different location to do so. Knowing that Legislative reporters are marauding every space at the Capitol Building it will be absurd and comical for anyone to think that Koffa will assemble NEC Executives in his office to mastermind a fraudulent by-election. The meeting with the NEC Executives was official and the motive was good in the national interest that is was why it was held in the office of the Deputy Speaker who was the presiding officer while Speaker Bhofal Chambers was away in his county (Maryland Co.) performing constituency duties.


As though the media institutions reporting this fallacious story are on a vicious fishing expedition, none of them have spoken to the office of the Deputy Speaker or made attempt to speak with directly to ascertain what the meeting with the NEC officials was all about. What has happened to ethical journalism in Liberia?

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