Reopen the University of Liberia to its Traditional Learning – A student Leader Calls on UL Authority

By Cdc.Romeo Famuleh

Julius Nyerere, Fidel Castro, LeonTrotskyy, etc. are all in the cave yet! The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) will never sleep; reopen the University of Liberia to its traditional learning activities in PresidentDr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson.

We’re so passionate about this revolution that has been taken over by science and technology in our global village, the nation’s highest learning institution, the University of Liberia administration must take heed.

The students are yet to experience internet facility on the campuses of UL that will enable them to swim smoothly in this imposed e-learning that Nelson is running with but not taking into consideration how is it going to benefit the student populace in this dusty and rusty pandemic that has been used by this CDC regime in order to keep our people in poverty for perpetual dominance.

The Vanguard Student Unification Party has never shied away from fighting for social justice, academic freedom and peace in the quest of the struggling student populace since her birth on October 20, 1970. The Vanguard Party has done her fact-findings and later realised that over twelve thousand students will be out of the University of Liberia in this 2019-2020 second semester if the imposed e-learning is not optional.

The Vanguard Party has mandated UL administration to make this e-learning optional in order to have struggling students who are about to graduate in this December 2020 as they find difficult to even understand the “MOODLE APP”. Some professors are blind like the students to this new “APP”. Yet! The administration is closing her ears on this true reality.

Some Recommendations to UL Administration and CDC led Government.

*President George Weah should smartly appointment educator as Director-General as soon as possible to the Commission on Higher Education in order to get some things straight in the educational sector/s, since former Director-General, Marine Diggs left for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her left seat as Director-General at the Commission On Higher Education has been empty.

*The government should enforce through the “Ministry of Education” to embrace by Law “Science and Technology to all primary and Secondary Schools within our beloved Country Mama Liberia.

*President Weah and his house of Legislators should mandate Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweh to fairly allocate huge resources in every Budgetary year for the advancement of this sector for the progressiveness of our Educational sojourn.

*President Weah CDC-led government by law should establish and open Science and technology training Lab in all Vocational and tertiary institutions in the Republic of Liberia.

*Through the Ministry of Education and by the help of government, all individuals who are teaching in various Primary and Secondary schools along with tertiary institution must have credentials in education before he/she can have the ability to teach in any educational institutions.

*With the help of government, through the workings of the Commission On Higher Education, all departments at the University of Liberia should have both Students and Professors trained how to use the “MOODLE APP” before allowing this e-learning to dance without putting prepare mechanism in place at the nation’s Premier birthplace of leaders which is the University of Liberia.

If this CDC-led government can take all these recommendations and use them as their working tools, we are prepared to shine the light on more of them for the betterment of our society and it’s people through the length and breadth of our Country Liberia.

Student Activist, revolutionary, poet and writer Romeo Famuleh can be reached at Email: (0776073856/0886880878)

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