Remove “Pseudo-Hurdles” From The Democratic Space


How soon do people forget?   However, the unwarranted direction in which Liberia is politically being governed is becoming very disturbing, especially when a country of law and not of men, is being subjugated and cowed to disrespect the rule of law, the Constitution, human rights and the tenets of elections,  free society and the beauty of democracy.

It is outrageous to see amazing things rapidly unfolding as the people and country gear up for a full blown general and presidential elections. Amazing maneuverings through chicanery and treacherous manipulation, using surrogates to stall other bonafide citizens from exercising their constitutional right, by placing all sorts of “pseudo-hurdles in the way and transforming the democratic space into a no-go-zone, is a clear recipe for anomaly which is not needed in a country that has once walked  on such infamous path.

The 14 years civil upheaval that witnessed massive destructions of precious lives and infrastructural development had one standing reason, and that reason emanated from election based on upright marginalization of others from participating in the constitutionally sanctioned platform for all citizens meeting the legitimate requirements, are eligible to engage in such political contest without being intimidated in any form, manner, fashion or held hostage predicated upon some written document outside the provision of the Constitution.

For some time running, a distasteful political tussle has now transformed into a serious fiasco which stemmed from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP); although currently in court; why some elements of the CPP are fighting from tooth to nil to pin other members, who, based on dishonesty in the documentation named CPP Framework containing a very serious contended clause, rejected by a party, and emphatically denying ever affixing their signature to rather it was done fraudulently, thereby they can’t leave the CPP, feed any candidate, moreover, that such party can’t take part in the impending elections until said party strictly adheres to the stipulated norms enshrined in the CPP’s document regarding breakaway, such controversial clause remain binding.

Now this is causing some political uneasiness, as evident when the lawmakers of the Unity Party, the largest opposition wing with the requite political and powerful engine very capable to render the incumbent a never to return ticket, is being grossly targeted which plays very fantastically for the now deeply worried at heart incumbent of which government is going all out to ensure that UP is eliminated politically from the 2023 electoral process , without hesitation, made their position known to the world through their respective missions   and representatives in the country.

It should be the greatest pleasure of President George M. Weah to free the democratic space for the political race to go on unhindered as was done in his term when  the space of democracy was opened freely wherein he went though the process without any political ambush set for him.

We are calling on President Weah to stay clear away from the corridor of the process and let the constitution work progressively and productively; and to his advisers, we seek your wise council to prevail upon Dr. George M. Weah to do the right thing for the people and nation.

The peace obtaining in the country is still fragile. The people had had their full share of bloodletting and have no expectation of trekking that dark and atrocious path any more, therefore we plead with the President to dismantle all the political stunts and remove all pseudo-hurdles from the democratic space because a safe Liberia is a better place for all. Let’s, with nationalistic and patriotic spirit of oneness remain and operate within the premise of Article 17 of our Constitution without subscribing to Comrade Napoleon (Animals Farm) mentality.

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