Reject All CDC’s Candidates -Kpadeh Declares; Asks Liberians To Stand Up Against CDC’s Political Stunts

The firebrand revolutionary leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM), Mr. Moncio Robert Kpadeh is robustly lashing out at the ruling political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), President George M. Weah for either paying lip-service or being the mastermind of the chain of violence obtaining mainly in Montserrado and by extension Grand Gedeh Counties as the people gear up for the December 8, 2020 senatorial election.

The hot-boiled revolutionary leader, Mr. Kpadeh radically stated that violence is the trade blazer or a tempting recipe for war; something, according to him, nobody wants, and while it is equally true that no one has monopoly over violence, it is incumbent upon all Liberians to cherish, respect and protect the prevailing peace; it is importantly binding for Weah to defend and maintain the peace the most.

In a phone-in talk-show discussion held on a local radio station in Monrovia on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, the tough talking leader of OPRM critically frowned on Weah’s inability to come down hard and harshly on those inflicting wanton violence on people and ensure that the law takes it full course without fear or favor; but unfortunately, Weah has failed to manage the violence and quelled it from transforming into serious tension.

He said Weah and his CDC’s henchmen must be made to know and thoroughly understand that politics is about changing ideas and marketing the latter (ideas) to the consumers (electorates) whose purchasing power (votes), then buy if they accept the ideas; and not about violence, changing blows, using guns, machetes and other deadly weapons against opponents by members of the ruling establishment with impunity as the government looks on reluctantly.

Challenging all patriotic and nationalistic Liberians to stand up against CDC’s political stunts (wanton violence) and reject all of its candidates at the ballots come December 8, 2020, the fearless speaking Moncio sternly questioned with dismay, the police reports beginning with the violent display by supporters of CDC against Telia Urey from the opposition camp in District number 15 which almost claimed her life while racing against Abu Kamara of the CDC; the New Georgia belt violent attack on candidate and supporters of the opposition faction masterminded by high profile  CDC’s  members some of whom are also officials of government which resulted into serious brutality of some opposition supporters; the Zwedru, Grand Gedeh violent development and the recent Clara Town fracas wherein violence erupted when Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and entourage were barred from entering the vicinity by CD C’s cliques, and up to present, no investigations conducted by the Ministry of Justice and its findings let alone reports regarding such listed saga have been released to the public, adding, “I got yet to see at least a copy of any  the mentioned  violent happening.”

Speaking further, the revolutionary leader of OPRM also wondered amidst so much violence activities being unleashed what has the President done in the wake of tons of violence being perpetrated on the people without any redress apart from announcing the setting up of a committee to investigation; symbolically, a mere charade and by extension, a farewell message, as Liberia is being violently saddled.

Asked if he uses vulgarity on people who may not agree with his trend of thinking or behaving when he is short of words, Moncio stated in  clear term that he is not a disrespectful character, he obeys others with dignity, he is a family man who respects and does not insult anyone and although not an English man he is never short of words that may lead him to the profanity.

Writes GDJ       

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