Reclaiming Oblivion? -Upon Drowning Massively In Corruption; Poor Governance; Gross Unfavorable Political Mis-steps; Anti-Transparency & Accountability

It is with the saddest disappointment and absolute regret to see the Pro-Poor Government headed by soccer legend, President George M. Weah drowning massively and pathetically in the sea of all vicious odds that heartlessly and uncompromisingly hunt down the tenets of good governance, respect for the constitution including the rule of law aligned with the enforceability of the due process, coupled with the dynasty of cronyism, plunder, pillage and characters in total disregard for honor and disgrace, observes a struggling disturbed businessman, Mr. Pewee Q. Jason of the uneasiness troubled-14 Omega Market in Paynesville.

In a survey conducted early this week by this medium about the statement made by President Weah on reclaiming Liberia was described as outrageous to him because the essence of his twisted concept which is belatedly and poorly ushered, does not in any way, hold logical water rather intended to clandestinely quench his deep-seated cunning political game plan to amass maximum votes out of sympathy by using special recognition as stunt to reflect a particular constituent of the Liberian society to ensure overwhelming victory in the 2023 presidential election.

According to him, what President Weah should busy himself with by uncalming include the desecration of the proclaimed Pro-Poor Manifesto which has been massively abused and applied in reverse as compared to that of the Late Thomas Sankara of Bokina Faso who fully applied and implemented his Pro-Poor agenda by living up to the true meaning and spirit of the Manifesto by example.

Moreover, weighing in also on the reclaiming declaration by President Weah, political observers castigated the pronouncement  and continue to hold his feet to the dire for swaying far away from the tons of prevailing and depressing leadership crunch currently tarnishing the nation’s image under the present administration ranging from tremendous hardship for the citizens by being completely thrown out of the custodianship of their own economy; the luxurious life-style of government officials reflective of actual elegance; the lack of foreign policy that clearly spells out trust and confidence in attracting foreign investments; the unbending compromise in lavishing impunity on  presidential henchmen and close buddies who grossly violate the law of the country; the inability of the leadership to exhibit the most needed and credible leadership by example; the insincerity of the regime to respect and without  downplaying  the quest of the people; the open demonstration of the culture of political hatred  meted out against perceived enemies of the administration predicated on disagreement on policies, and the lackadaisical notions portrayed against the vested interests of the people; are indeed logical enough to reclaim with positive spin, as these cardinal values most respected by any responsible government must demand the leadership to undergo both soul searching and then soul cleansing exercise, instead of professing to climb  the ‘political Mount Everest’ for self-aggrandizement.

Time for political hide-and-seek under the rubric of winning some segment of the population is now a worn-out relic of the frozen past and invoking it in the new dynamic dispensation is not only charade, a long gone waste of time, but a dead-before-arrival strategy politically fashioned in a thin mere window dressing linen dubbed: reclaiming the country in its centennial setting carries with it some degree of second though alarm. This leadership has reneged on most of its constitutional, political coupled with campaign outfit which is now very worrisome; as it is not in any hurry to positively and realistically turn the corner and smoothen the very rough edges, thereby stuck in the quagmire of reclaiming oblivion; instead of reclaiming the country after 100 years, it would be very expedient if the current leadership engages in “political repentance”, noted the sad pundits.

Meanwhile, from the strike of any imagination, no nation, has ever obtained fruitful glory and praiseworthiness for its growth and envious development, when it proudly accommodates impunity to all who engaged in criminology, wanton killing of professionals as well as innocent and defenseless citizens; insecurity, whose leaders from top to bottom are major shareholders of stealing from state coffers, gross violations of human rights including unseriousness in the art of leadership and craft of good governance.

Moreover, in a nation where the citizens take great pride in building a country based on the respect for the rule of law, wherein no one is absolutely in the truest sense and meaning of the word, is above the law; where the leadership is not entrenched in cronyism, sycophantic belly-driven glee club and the perpetual blind loyalists who see nothing wrong with the rapid nose-dive  sinking posture the country and people are pathetically strapped into, due to the bad leadership being imposed on them in any form, manner and style.

However the crunch, the nation still have fearless people fully prepared at all times to checkmate the government in its worthless and restless pleasure in negatively reversing the country on the altar of business as usual, and at this juncture, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has applied the brakes on the dangerous woes that are negatively piercing the image of the state with its people in the lenses of the global community as he declares that enough is enough as expressed in his message.

According to the message, giving people justice and ending impunity are not issues over which any responsible government ought to wait to be publicly chastised by its international partners. These are things responsible governments do to cleanse the soul of a nation, and to keep countries secure, stable and peaceful.

Cummings maintains that once again, the careless and irresponsible attitude of the Liberian Government is being exposed. Under this George Weah-led Government, Liberia continues to be internationally disgraced, shamed and laughed at.

Giving people justice and ending impunity are not issues over which any responsible government ought to wait to be publicly chastised by its international partners. These are things responsible governments do to cleanse the soul of a nation, and to keep countries secure, stable and peaceful.

We have all seen what it means for our country to breakdown and become lawless. And so, Liberia does not need to wait and be reminded to do the things we need to do to build a more just society that will punish crimes. This is the only way to make our society truly law-abiding. The ANC Political Leader added.

“However, it is hard to stop stealing in government when the people who should be stopping the stealing, and setting the good examples by not stealing, are actually the rogues. It is also hard to punish anyone for crimes, however bad, when the leaders are looking for special favors from the criminals, or are themselves, benefiting from the crimes” Cummings noted.

It can be recalled that the Representative of the state of New Jersey’s 44th District at the United States Congress, Chris Smith, has accused President George Weah of running a kleptocratic government that is milking the coffers of the country to the ground.

Congressman Smith who is a Republican and a Senior Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and a Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations blamed President Weah for the high rate of poverty in the country by using his political power to appropriate the wealth of the county through embezzling or misappropriating government funds at the expense of the wider population.

“In Africa, we have a special relationship with Liberia which was founded by freed American slaves. Unfortunately, President George Weah leads a Kleptocratic government that is engaged in political corruption from the day he assumed office by depleting the government’s coffers for personal use while the people of Liberia suffer,” Smith added.

-Writes GDJ

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