Recklessly Ruthless Narrow-Hearted Political Mercenaries- Eulogy To CPP

A quizzically comical maxim reflects the outcome of a pathetic saga regarding when a snake eats its own tail; should it be extolled for such action that leaves it in perpetual agony or be glorified for grimly inflicting self-deformity? However, professing to be wise, indeed, they became used stooges and fools; whereas, from the strike of any imagination, no sober-minded or level-headed individuals; besides being committed personal Uncle Toms to the political hot air; can say that the pathetic and grotesque form, shape and fractured status of the once glorified Collaboration Political Parties (CPP), was not long coming with camouflaged motive to be executed by recklessly ruthless narrow-hearted political mercenaries tasked to derail the once cohesive political structure to reckon in the impending 2023 presidential and general elections.
Today, with the many observations reservations being pondered over and harbored by so many people about the so-called hidden invisible hand moving and influencing political outcomes to favor and suit the aspirations, whims and caprices of the hidden hand at the detriment of the smooth growth, developments and prosperity of the nation and citizens collectively, most people are now critically devising ways and means in finding out just what this so-called and entrenched invisible is so afraid of that the people and nation must subjugate and wallow in its (invisible hand’s) perpetual disorientation- the latter’s will and survivability is viciously and uncompromisingly threatened by those feared politically the most; of which all and everything must and will be done to thwart their collective capability, political-will-power and capacity to bring that to fruition; thereby ensuring that such political unit will be drawn into in a consistent and persistent difficult haul, and a fierce political uphill battle using all means including the batch of heartless and faceless interlopers and “sell-out” political foot-mission puppets.
The ‘fright-riddle’ entrenched so-called invisible hand made it successful with the current leadership by grading such political embarrassing entanglement 80 per cent in political administrative leadership; despite being a chief financer that lubricated the wheels of the nonsensical civil upheaval that eliminated over 250 thousand people leaving some without graves coupled with committed grim atrocities, mayhem, upright violations of human rights by unimaginable proportion in its entreaty; who bulldozed the TRC’s punishment of 30-year ban from functioning or occupying any public office in Liberia; whose window dressing confession blatantly lied of only contributing US$10,000 to the executioners of the reign of terror against the poor Liberian people in the quest of power-grab; and later yoked and milked the country for 12 consecutive years with son stealing over US$30m of public money from the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL); while the signing of over 60 bogus concession agreements currently and disgustingly piercing the spirit of honesty and sincerity.
Then the toxic question is, why is this fear-threatened hidden hand is so relevant; a kingmaker; deeply influentially considered-treated golden egg in the nation’s body politic? Jut why? Are all lettered courageous and levelheaded men and women of this badly suppressed and depressed country gone with the wind? Some rising individuals and political groups must now democratically mount the political space and save the groining soul of this nation from the dungeon of flat-footed helplessness creeps and cheats and avoid chanting the long done away with ruthless “yes sir” slogan marred with sycophancy, unpatriotic tendencies and heartlessly-trading of the proud and stain-image of nationalism for few brown coins and teaspoonful of raw rice mercilessly cried for by those with legitimately and praiseworthy nothing to stand for, thereby falling for anything mainly insignificantly.
While some fence-sitters and onlookers have been eclipsed from the hard unfolding political developments that have not only shattered the core foundation of the relevance of the once profound CPP, now groaning painfully at its own political dying bed; as those scored as mission crusaders are now gloating with such questions: wasn’t it better done to have wine or tears? Was mission not accomplished? Was the political objective not delivered as battered CPP lands in absolute oblivion? However, as the saints of danger diabolical crusaders play their funeral drums to the appeasement of the fear-harbored invisible hand; and as the CPP Court battle rages and intensifies; while there are much more questions than answers to be advanced, pending the final six-inch nail to be banged on CPP’s coffin top; one thing is bound to be certain; for what is done in the dark, shall surely come to light; as no sin goes unpunished…be it political, and when day breaks, know that night will pass away; meaning, when night turns to day, a lot of people will indeed, truly run away with faces covered with their shivering hands. This is a eulogy for the dying CPP now fighting for far too spent live on its dying bed.
-Writes GDJ

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