June 10, 2022

Vice President JNB states core reasons why Liberian voters should elect him President and not his opponent in the run-off:

Fundamentally, I am clearly the better choice between the two of us in the run-off race now. And the good and patriotic people of our country, in their clear conscience, know this as a fact and reality. And here is why I am categorically saying that I am by far and away better positioned to lead this country than my opponent:

  • I have the necessary experience, level of wisdom, sophistication and international exposure to effectively and efficiently consolidate the gains we have made in various spheres in our country for the past decade and more.
  • I have a superior knowledge of how to consolidate the peace and stability we all have enjoyed over the past thirteen years.
  • I have a better economic and financial Plan (as reflected in our Platform) that has as its core pillars, the empowerment of Liberian businesses/entrepreneurship, and ensuring that Liberians take over the commanding heights of their economy and create meaningful jobs for fellow Liberians.
  • I also have a quick impact plan that will be vigorously implemented within the first three to six months of my inauguration, to include immediately tackling the ongoing foreign exchange problem and limited money flows within the banking system that are causing unacceptable hardship for our people and slowing down business transactions. This is a VERY HIGH PRIORITY for me. We will allow no one to sabotage the economy.
  • I have better practical plans for youth and women empowerment/employment, a plan that will involve putting young people to jobs in the public sector, including road construction/maintenance, agriculture, sanitation, and National Youth Service Programs, and providing opportunities for women to be financially independent.
  • I am also a better choice because my record both in my public and private lives does not reflect any moral deficiency and no corruption of any kind. I am God-fearing person who believe in family values. I am also well-respected regionally and internationally and can travel to any part of the world without fear of being arrested or ridiculed.
  • And I am better placed to more effectively articulate the aspirations and development agenda to both domestic and foreign audiences, and better relate to our international partners, institutions and organizations in ways that will make Liberians proud, and not ashamed.
  • Also, given my education, experience, depth of understanding and sophistication, I am much better placed than my opponent in the run-off race to foster a quality education scheme for our young people because I know the value of education and how indispensable quality education is in the development agenda of any viable society. I have an education plan that will lessen the burden of tuition payments for university and high school students who struggle every semester to pay tuition and cost for public exams like WAEC, equip our schools and universities, and improve salaries of teachers/instructors—by cutting down waste in public funds/expenditures, and diverting money saved through such cost-cutting exercise to finance this education sector plan.
  • I am a patriotic citizen and statesman who deeply loves my country and has an abiding faith in the goodness of most Liberians to work. And to this extent, our leadership will go to any lengths to ensure that I am a leader for all Liberians.
  • I also believe intensely in the creed of National Unity and Reconciliation, knowing fully well that only in Unity can we all achieve our individual and collective potential. That’s why my government will not be one of winner-takes-all, but one in which every region and political arrangement in the country and partisans from across the political divide will be part of an all-inclusive government.
  • I am also a keen listener and will be a leader who will not bear malice or revenge against anyone. It’s not just in my nature to think or do so. I firmly believe that we can only create a progressive d dynamic Liberia, by ensuring that all Liberians (irrespective of political partisanship, ethnicity, etc.,) work collectively and patriotically together to move our country forward.
  • Yes, we can look back at History to guide us, but we cannot afford to remain stuck in the past, or spend valuable time on searching for “real or imagined enemies”. We should put the past behind us, hold together as one people with one destiny, so that we all can continue to deepen the peace, stability and democratic values like freedom of expression our government has been working hard to maintain/strengthen in the past several years.

It’s for the above and many more reasons that I am asking the good and patriotic people and voters of Liberia to grant me the privilege as their humble servant to serve them in the capacity as President, so that I can prove to them, in very practical ways, how a good and committed leader can transform a country of just over 4 Million (and endowed with vast natural resources) into a prosperous, progressive, peaceful, well-governed, and happy country, where honest and transparent use of the country’s resources for the benefit of all, and not just a few privileged persons, will be hallmarks of my governance style.

Writes-George k. Saah

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