Questionable Nationwide Tour

-Glaring ‘Tactical Cheating’; While Others Are Stalled; The Incumbent Cruises On The Wing of Campaign; Indeed, Business As Usual

The political demise of the Collaborating Political Parties CPP) in the impending 2023 presidential and general elections is being clearly characterized in the ‘bobo posture’ consistently demonstrated rather than being very robust in performing the political deeds mostly felt by the people in both the urban and rural areas knowing that out of sight, is tantamount to out of mind.

As one veteran statesman and political strategist told me in a discussion regarding the most sacred plank in the ongoing questionable nationwide tour by President George M. Weah after his popularity has already been badly roasted in previously supported chain of by-elections, with the December 8, 2020 senatorial showdown being the straw that nearly broke the Camel’s back wherein his full participation and his influence peddling  accrued a very dismal  result; believing to be outsmarting the others with vested interest in the presidency, however. with all potential archrivals locked up behind the bars-of-not-yet-time-for, and to campaign; the incumbent, in no rush, is out there on his ‘solo drive’ breaking fresh and more grounds with absolute campaign fashion.

The statesman and political strategist ex[plains that while it is very fair and equally forms part of his (President Weah’s) constitutional mandate to tour the country and obtain firsthand information for himself on how things are unfolding in those parts of the country, while at the same time, inspecting and dedicating government’s completed development projects, it should be timed in a manner and form wherein the economy is functioning better to some degree; the political climate in the country is for the most part reliable and credible with the  viciously negative hullabaloos currently and alarmingly permeating  every segment of governance with much more questions than answers being raise is quelled; for sure; a leadership that is concerned about legitimate legacy, will choose another time to travel wherein the high suspicion including how much and from where the money to foot the gigantic operations on the trip is coming from in a government that is so deeply cash-strapped with unpaid salaries of many public entities are gradually inching towards dating protests as the bridge over troubled waters, it would be feasible for the President to pause the tour since this is not his last year of his first term.

The statesman and political strategist maintains that as long as these alarmingly unresolved vices continue to cause national stir without firstly allaying the grave simmering suspicion of mistrust, insincerity, unclear agenda  not imbued with a well-defined roadmap and not also divorced of transparency and accountability with due respect and courtesy to the democratic tenets; then obviously the ongoing quizzically half-baked nationwide our does not only spell disregard for the supreme interest of the governed to be keenly listened to; it also does not just reflect the kudos of the calamity of waste, but  treks squarely on political motivation with exclusively achieved dividend warmly deposited in the oven of escrow in advance waiting to promptly utilize in 2023 at which time, opposing visions and programs would have been  thwarted as Johnny Comes Late (JCL) and as a result, be  politically demonized and thereby defeating those he (incumbent) perceived from their clamoring as being the know it all.

The statesman and political strategist then wondered when will President Weah ever learn from the art of governance, and avoid time after time displaying only campaign  credo wherever he goes and whatever he says; all are regimented in the fashion of campaign spirit, campaign message, campaign speeches. Campaign promises and concluding with campaign posture.

The statesman and political strategist also questions the ability of President Weah to graduate from mere campaign projects idolization, and begin to take on the largest picture by unleashing national development that will enhance growth, development and prosperity for the suffering people (who are even chewing and biting abject poverty) and country who are catching real hell in their own country endowed with vast natural and mineral resources wherein direct foreign investments and investors will gravitate en-mass to the partnership proffered by his leadership; instead of being glaringly tactical and indirectly conning  the process while others needing the president job based on  competition and a level-playing field; are totally stalled; as  the  incumbent cruises on the wing of campaign; indeed,  at the end of the day, it will all be business as usual.

-Writes GDJ

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