Proxy Political Errand Boy –Tale Of Restlessly Used Pseudo-‘Political Dump Truck’


This nation is grimly saddled with an old aging long-lasting virus, and despite its (virus’) ailing status, has been, and is still tormenting, denying and undermining the country’s political landscape, castigating and ruining the opportunities, hopes and aspirations of most potential individuals who are politically relevance, but reject playing to its whims and caprices; while Liberians continue to falter and allow themselves to being frightened  and overwhelmed by the harbored and unopenly mentioned secret of fear; and until the people can stand up and unleash their displeasure in the fashion of the law, that the virus will give thorough account for all the political misdeeds, intentional missteps, vendetta, with emphasis on all ill-gotten wealth coupled  with that exclusive clandestine right to be the supreme kingpin; Liberia will always remain in a leadership quandary.

Currently, the ailing and aging very scary Virus is once again busy engaging with what it finds profound pleasure in doing, by badly, after affecting and staling so many citizens’ glorious moments of political usefulness; and for  those totally ready to expose its vicious, nefarious and clandestine maneuverings, that puts so many at serious risk, booms in political environment, and chronically debilitates  targeted individuals’ political white blood cell from fighting back in any fashion, and to rid this politically-struggling nation of this ailing aging Virus that is at its very best in spreading its dangerous variant strain during elections’ season, is back, actively under-cover on the road with its traditional game plan; using ideally positioned proxy political errand boy(s) to operate from within an organized force to reckon; politically affects and transforms into a loose, shameful and spineless reckless pseudo ‘political- dump-truck’ to inflame several tough fighting organs from within the setting of the dump truck to mess with the most feared organized force, and when this is successfully done, and after the force becomes powerless and irrelevant to the politics of the season; wherein, all tough internal cells are properly weakened and wrecked politically as  being done in favor of the ailing aging Virus; obviously, then while the nation continues to catch  the real hell-fire,  the end-result spells victory and turns out to be business as usual for the frightened ailing aging Virus.

With such continued posture being exhibited, the nation must now wake up, the people must immediately quit their long slumber and bring to an end through legal challenges and means, the dominance of this ailing aging scarred and frightened Virus that has trampled so many good growth and development of the nation underfoot; to say why must the nation, including determined and farsighted personalities, be so gravely yoked, kept in bondage and their chances perpetually stuck in communicator;  as  citizens quietly sit aside and only groaned from within, but dare not take the bull by the horn, and robustly stand tall through the legal avenue? Why is it always that way with the ailing aging Virus eating its cake and still having it…just why?

Liberians have been firstly told  long time ago that while it is a resounding reality that Virus knows where Virus sleeps; the only cure for unwarranted Virus is to confront Virus with what it does and stands for; and why it suffocates others to bow to its unscrupulous shady activities, clandestine maneuvers as its worse antidote. This is why, without second thought, the Virus  keeps re-inventing itself time after time, orchestrates and, manipulates itself into the inward system of its target to cause untold political damage, is bound to be desperately hunted, no matter what it hides behind.

If Liberia will have to change its failed track and advance on the most progressive and promising path of sincere and meaningful growth and development; the ailing and aging frightened Virus with so many things to conceal, must, with its outrageous variant strains and abundance of shady poisonous antidote, upon depleting the country and perceived hardliners who will not stay silence rather the drum of accountability will continue to sound the loudest time after time; so true, are still on the battlefield  as the ailing aging frightened Virus  remains defiance against the viewed threats. .

Today, and once again, who is the newest pseudo-political ‘dump-truck’ against those raising against time, and will not spare any related cells from the DNA of the ailing and aging frightened Virus based on the serious harbored fear of falling prey to the wrath of diagnosis; is once again scheming day and night to eclipse the very hard-headed victim appearing to be immured to any forthcoming pressure as the previously proxy political errand boy once used as pseudo-‘political dump truck’ is being less attractive.

Make no mistake, while this ailing aging Virus is actually running away from something, equally, it is working much harder clandestinely, and assiduously; and the time to do unto others as it (Virus) has infested so many, is now the same laboratory manufactured problem-maker-medicines and infused into targeted individuals, indeed, the ailing and aging old Virus continues to use against perceived most hated and bitter characters with the potential to unleash some shocking viruses.

-Writes GDJ

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