Pro-Democracy Activist Eddie Jarwolo Arrested

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Executive Director of the National Youth Movement, Mr. Eddie D. Jarwolo, was over last weekend arrested in the Rehab community by the Liberia National Police for allegedly intruding in Pres. George Weah’s convoy.

Speaking on a telephone call with Mr. Jarwolo, he informed Parrot that he is a law abiding citizen and would not knowing see the president’s convoy and run into it.

NAYMOTE Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo, informed Parrot Newspaper that upon his arrest by presidential security guard, there was an attempt to take him over to Pres. Weah’s Jamaica lodge but he resisted them on grounds that Jamaica Lodge is not a police depot but rather a private lodge of Pres. Weah.

Furthermore, Mr. Jarwolo told Parrot on a telephone interview that since his pro democracy group, NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development released its latest report on the president’s meter project that tracks down promises made by the President and promises already achieved and those that are pending, there had been strange vehicles tailing his car. He told Parrot since then, he has been habouring fear for life.

According to the findings contained in NAYMOTE’s latest report, from all of Pres. Weah’s policy promises, eight (8) promises were completed constituting (7%), 47 promises, which is 43% are ongoing, and 54 promises constituting (50%) have not started or not rated due to insufficient or lack of ready data to verify progress made towards implementation.

NAYMOTE reports from 2018 to 2020 that are in the possession of Parrot News point the downright failure of the Weah’s administration over the last three years in power on its policy promises. Most of the promises made by Pres. Weah according to the report have not been achieved half into the administration six-year-term.  From what Parrot has analysed, it seems evident that the Weah’s government is too chicken-hearted in the implementation of its policy promises from which power was sought from the citizens.

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