Prince Developmental Moye is our Choice & Hero – Citizens of Bong County Declared

Julius T. Jaesen, II

October 8, 2020. Liberia: The people of Bong County have said they are prepared December 8, 2020, to have Deputy Speaker Prince Kemon Moye, Sr. elected to the Liberian Senate to present their county for nine years. Over last weekend, citizens of Bong told the Parrot Newspaper that other counties across the country are gearing up to have their best elected to the Senate and Bong County can be of no exception.

“Over the past nine years, our county has been grossly underrepresented at the level of the Senate. So, this time around, we cannot allow ourselves to be fooled to gave another wasted nine years to Sen. Yallah who has done nothing for us”, citizens of Bong declared.

According to the  citizens of Bong, Deputy Speaker Moye has achieved momentous feat in terms of his services and progress in the county. The citizens of the county pointed out clearly to Parrot that since the ascendancy of Prince Moye, he has played and continues to play a significant role in influencing public policies and other legislations for the good of the county and country in general. The citizens told Parrot that Rep. Moye is more of an asset to Bong County than all the candidates in the race for the Senate seat

Speaking on what Deputy Speaker Moye has done in the county, the citizens said Rep. Moye owns large rubber, palm and rice farms that have created gainful jobs for a good number of citizens of Bong County. They pointed out that the locally produced rice from Deputy Speaker Moye’s farm is sold for an affordable price.

Moreover, citizen stated it was through the hard work of Rep. Moye that district number two received clinic and good roads. Citizen also pointed out that Rep. Moye collaborated with Hon. Robert of district 4 to construct a bridge to ease the burden of citizens commuting from one end to the other. Besides, the citizens told this newspaper that Deputy Speaker Moye constructed the most modern and technical high school called the Sumo Moye Memorial Institute in Gbarnga City on the Lofa road in district number 3 where Rep. Melvin Cole is serving as a lawmaker. The school is both vocational and academic with trained and qualified teachers, the citizens told Parrot. They also noted that Rep. Moye was the one who initiated the mid-wives’ appreciation program that gave life to traditional midwives in the county.

According to them, these developmental initiatives and many other reasons will be the reasons why they will overwhelmingly elect Prince Moye in the December 8, 2020 polls as Senator of Bong County.



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