I have read with disdain and utter befuddlement, the Front Page Africa Newspaper Article Volume 16, No. 021 of January 31, 2022, under the caption: “Liberia: Fraudulent Honorary Consul Appointment Backfires at Foreign Ministry” in which the paper made a number of fallacies which were deliberately crafted by mendacious minds, designed to impugn and defame my hard-earned good reputation, only to advance an unbridled ambition for absolute and unquestioned power.
The Front Page publication went on to further insinuate that I also received gifts from Mr. Milojevic on behalf of the President of the Republic of Liberia which I failed to deliver to the President. Among other things, the diabolical Front Page Africa publication said I “allegedly” took monies from a good number of people in and out of the Ministry with the assurance of appointing them in the Foreign Service, a situation that reportedly provoked serious tension at the Ministry, creating the impression that the current Minister rejected appointments of Foreign Service Officers in the field.
I wish to emphatically state that the allegations are diabolical lies, erroneous and represent a spate of attacks orchestrated by a single individual who receives awards for doing nothing, using Rodney Sieh and the Front Page Africa Newspaper as a hired gun.
Given my years of experience in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I fully understand all of the procedures and guidelines involved in the appointment of Honorary Consuls based out of Liberia. I want to state categorically that at no time in the execution of my solemn duties did I request from businessman Aleksander Milojevic and receive $25,000 United States Dollars to make him Honorary Consul. Also, my record in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unmatched! I empower and support staff in their professional pursuits, and would be devilish that I would request and receive monies from those that I mentor and support in order to appoint them in the Foreign Service. I challenge Front Page Africa and Rodney Sieh to produce evidence to prove these outright lies and I am prepared to tender my resignation forthwith today.
Regarding the Procedure, it is ONLY the President of the Republic of Liberia who appoints Honorary Consuls! In accordance with Chapter 20, Section 4 of the Executive Law of the Republic of Liberia, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, inter alia, supervises the Foreign Service. This explains my role in the vetting and due diligence processes. Mr. Aleksander Milojevic wrote a formal letter of intent to me on August 20, 2020 in my capacity as Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, following the resignation of H.E. Gbehzohngar M. Findley. On August 27, 2020, an acknowledgement letter (REF. RL/MFA/2-2/323-AMFA010930/’20) was sent to Mr. Milojevic in keeping with established procedures and cherished practice.
Similarly, on September 10, 2020, a request for disposition letter (REF: RL/MFA/2-2/351-AMFA0200550/’20 was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia via the Serbian Embassy in Abuja, Federal Republic of Liberia. On May 18, 2021, “Minister” Kemayah forwarded to me the formal response from the Serbian Authorities, which he had received on May 17, 2021. The reference number of the Note Verbale is “No K-5/2021”and essentially requests the Government of Liberia to proceed with the appointment and commission of Mr. Milojevic as the prerequisite to grant the exequatur.
Absolutely, no appointment has been made and I again challenge Front Page Africa Newspaper/Rodney Sieh and his benefactor to prove me otherwise, and I am prepared to resign if they do. Mr. Milojevic’s application has not been concluded. Front Page Africa Newspaper and Rodney Sieh have copies of the Note Verbales which were fed to him by his benefactor but he failed to divulge them because the source will be revealed. But instead he and his newspaper chose rather sheepishly to only paste their reference numbers in his fictitious rendition of an article.
Again, I challenge Front Page Africa Newspaper and Rodney Sieh to publish the communication they have in their possession in the interest of transparency. This is nothing about unearthing and reporting wrongdoings because these are issues that I would have thought would be reported to the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC). Conversely, these are malicious character assassination attempts by the benefactor of Front Page Africa Newspaper and hired gun Rodney Sieh to rub his mud on me and get a partner in misdeeds. Ever since Front Page Africa Newspaper and Rodney Sieh’s benefactor arrived on the scene, phishing expedition has been the order of the day, trying to find “dirt” on me instead of focusing on the important national task at hand. But as is my nature, I am not going to be distracted.
Finally, I am a student of government and a policy enabler. I read political science. Even though I was not a smart person, I understood the art, craft and science of politics. This is an asymmetric and subterranean character attack, period! Rodney Sieh and Front Page Africa Newspaper are only doing their master’s bidding. It is only disheartening to discover that these devilish lies are not coming from outside (The Opposition) but from within.
How can one pay a newspaper monthly to “protect” oneself who’s serving in government, when that same newspaper constantly writes gibberish and denigrates other government functionaries thereby bringing the whole government into public disrepute? I will not indulge in similar action as a means of defending myself. I am acutely aware from whence they come. For those of my friends and supporters who know me, know me and this press statement is not intended for them, but rather for the segment of our population that is gullible. Most assuredly, I will not be cowed into submission. Sorry that I am constrained to do this.

Henry B. Fahnbulleh
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tel. #s: 0770440582/0886578904

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