Press Statement Issued by Mr. Melee Kermue

My attention has been sharply drawn to a malicious, slanderous, and fallacious Op-Ed published by the Washinton Examiner captioned; “Wagner’s next targets in Africa: Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast”. This vicious, mendacious, and unprofessional Op-Ed is written by a fellow identified as Michael Rubin–who appears to be on a dreadful mission to ruin my reputation and put my life in harm’s way.

Michael Rubin, the protagonist writer, clearly does not know me and made no efforts to contact me before writing his twisted, erroneous, and treacherous Op-Ed. It marvels me how he finds the utter temerity to link me to planned subversive activities in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d’ Voire as an Agent of a Russian Security Firm known as Wagner, something I have never dreamt of in my life. The lies embedded in this Op-Ed are not only disgusting but send chills down my spine. Never have I experienced such massive lies told against me.

In the Op-Ed, Rubin writes, “Wagner’s activities in the region appear coordinated by Melee Kermue, a former U.S. convict whom Sergei Berdnikov, Russia’s ambassador in Ghana, appointed to be Russia’s honorary consul-general in Liberia. He reportedly allowed Wagner experts to come into the country under the guise of businessmen. While Liberia heads to the polls this autumn, Weah’s general incompetence suggests Wagner may be accelerating plans for a coup to prevent more competent leadership from solidifying the country’s economy and relations with the U.S.”

Firstly, I do not know of the existence of this so-called Russian group called Wagner–suffice to say I have never met them, and neither have I interacted with them. Secondly, never in my lifetime have I ever been associated with military activities or been linked to the enterprise of international security. My enterprise of business has always been International cooperation and direct foreign investments. Thirdly, l am an Ambassador of peace and someone who strongly believes in democracy and constitutional transfer of power. I detest in the highest term all forms of military and/or violent takeover of power. I have no record of being involved in war and violence in Liberia or anywhere across Africa and the world at large. My interest is and has always been fostering peace, tranquility, and socioeconomic transformation of my country Liberia and Africa as a whole. And this I have relentlessly dedicated an umpteen amount of my time to and shall continue to do so.

The fact that the writer and U.S.-based Washington Examiner media group failed to contact me in line with the principles of ethical journalism certainly suggests that the intent of the story is utterly barbaric. With a conceived wicked objective, the writer refused to contact me and went on to publish a colossal tale of lies, only to fulfill the evil wishes of his benefactors.

Now for the record, I do have a connection with Russia and that connection is purely diplomatic, professional, and productive. On 7 October 2022, I was appointed by the Russian government as the Honorary Consul-General to Liberia with the mandate to enhance economic and social relations between both countries. Foreign Minister D. Maxwell Kamayah has yet to sign my consent letter. His reason for stonewalling the signing of my consent letter remains a mystery, as it remains ls incomprehensible to me.

Of course, because he hasn’t signed, I cannot officially take up my role and her up with my job–with so much at stake relative to what Liberia stands to benefit. It is important to note for the record that Liberia and Russia still maintain sound diplomatic ties. I accepted this role primarily because the Russian Federation has been graciously pumping millions into Liberia, including funding Liberia’s TVET program. Millions more were given to Liberia during the ravaging Ebola epidemic outbreak.

Regarding Sierra Leone and Cote d’ Voire, I have direct and very excellent relationships with people at the helm of power. They are my brothers with whom I have had great relationships and unhindered access for several years now. So, how can I be plotting subversion against people with whom I am so firmly aligned and deeply admired? It will be counterintuitive if not unwise to do such. Besides, I have no ability or impulse to do such evil. I pose no risk to the peace of any of these countries. I am a harmless and peaceful man.

I have written Washinton Examiner expressing my strong dissatisfaction about such malicious, unethical, and disgraceful publication against me. I have accordingly notified my lawyers in the United States to determine a possible lawsuit against the Washington Examiner for publishing such a malicious and defamatory Op-Ed against me.

The allegations made in this Op-Ed are profoundly grave and damaging to my character, and no doubt puts my life in danger. It will be absurd and negligent of me to take lightly these outrageous and ferocious claims made against my character by a mischievous writer who from all indications is on a dangerous mission and leaves the trace of a hired gun.

Meanwhile, my team has launched an investigation into the motivation and intent of this lying Op-Ed and we shall immediately issue a second statement when cogent facts are obtained.

I thank you.



Melee Kermue

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