Tons of speculations abound on the lips of some people, mostly unpatriotic distractors, and in the electronic, print and social media suggesting that Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the foremost aspirant for the presidency of Liberia, is up for sale.

Bogus reasoning!

These detractors who are spending endless hours, days and weeks on this issue have attached dollar figures that in their narrow-mindedness they purport JNB cannot resist, because in their purview he has never seen such a handsome potential payoff. And so it is an easy task for them to parlay these myths of him capitulating his ambition to become President of Liberia.

They are of the belief that Boakai cannot come from such a lowly background to become president.

In their misconceptions about him, they are speculating that this gentleman who travelled from Worsonga to the Capital City is an easy target when it comes to money purportedly being thrown at him.

Phuey. They don’t know JNB!

They continue to underestimate JNB’s years of public service and humanitarian endeavors, which led him to craft the political philosophy of “Think, Love and Build Liberia.”

Moreover, there are those jittery or nervous individuals who believe that with Boakai as President, life will be substantially terrible for white collar criminals, so “the sooner we stop him the better, else all of us will go to jail.”

In this above analysis or scenario, they’re correct.

Therefore, monetary baits being thrown by political and economic criminals who have plundered the Liberian people’s wealth over the years must stop!

There are also rumors of so-called “kingmakers” in foreign parts who are supposed to be part of this syndicate to pay JNB money for him to back out of the presidential race. These rumors have been circulating for a long time now, starting with his trips to the United States and Ghana and other places.

I say, it is not just fake news, but also a waste of time!

A lie has speed, but truth has endurance. Winston Churchill said that a lie would have been around the world twice, before the truth had the chance to get its pants on.

Friends, let the word go forth from this place, now and in the future: Joseph Nyuma Boakai, STANDARD BEARER OF THE UNITY PARTY, is not for sale, and will never take any amount of money to betray the confidence that the people of Liberia have reposed in him. And it does not matter whether it is 6, 60 or 600 million United States Dollars!

In all honesty, it is an insult for a little known politician to ask JNB to lift his hand up for a sum of money in exchange for the presidency! What an affront to this true son of Liberia! He’d be like Judas’ betrayal of Christ, to betray his motherland.

For anybody to conceive in their small mind that JNB’s travel from his village to Monrovia will end in the sale of his hard earned integrity, reputation and credibility–built over these years–is a dreamer; and to repeat: it is a disrespect to him, and let it be stated categorically, it will never

happen! His acceptance of any such amounts would be a betrayal of the confidence reposed in him by hundreds of thousands of Liberians who see him as a redeemer of the mess our country is presently in.

Interestingly, the CPP was a sinister trap JNB and the Unity Party evaded. Now, the second childish trap is the so-called payoff of JNB to get some pocket change and thereby damage the hopes of Liberians everywhere.

This exit from the snares of the CPP should be seen as hope rekindled for majority of Liberians who feel hopeless about their conditions after nearly five years of the Weah government. The Liberian people seemingly have trust in the ability of the Unity Party, headed by JNB, to revive the nation that has been removed from the trajectory of national development.

It is therefore inconceivable to hold or believe that the same JNB who doesn’t care about amassing wealth, and who doesn’t bother about fat bank accounts will put the interests and survival of the Liberian people in the hands of crooks and economic vampires for “thirty pieces of silver.”

Given JNB’s personality and character, Judas Iscariot does not exist in his mindset! It will never happen! You can forget it.  The Liberian people will get the leadership they deserve.

Yes, as we approach the 2023 Elections, there will be roadblocks, political and legal hurdles, placed on this road to redemption for the Liberian people; there will be difficult hours and days and weeks ahead; however, where there is the truth, there victory is always certain; a victory that LIBERIANS deserve. And that victory will be a defining moment for all Liberians.

That will also be the dawning of a Real, New Liberia after almost two hundred wasteful years of squalor and underdevelopment precipitated by poor leadership and personal greed.

A Boakai-led government will focus on reforming and transforming Liberia.  The foundations for a Better Liberia will be constructed, organizational structures will be strengthened, governance institutions will be revamped, and mandates of intergrity institutions shall be enforced.  We will thus build the foundation for the political, economic, social and cultural transformation of this country.

Against this backdrop, the issue of JNB backing out is a wicked thought, conceived by sophomoric minds. They are building castles in the sand on the beach for their fables and tales to dwell in them.

To say the least, JNB will not dash the hopes of the Liberian people. And if I were these distractors, I would back off, keep away from JNB with these foolish ideas and ventures.

Those who love this nation and want to see its emancipation from mental slavery will join the fight to THINK, LOVE AND BUILD LIBERIA.

All power to the people.

This is a done deal.
By- Atty, George K, Saah

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