Political Enlightenment -Proclaims Comrade Kpadeh; Says Truth Is In Wisdom; & Good Leaders Must Be Disciplined, Patriotic And Visionary

The Leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM), Comrade Robert Moncio Kpadeh, speaking on a wide range of trending issues damaging the country’s governance system, firstly insist that good leaders must be disciplined, patriotic and visionary meaning truth leaders don’t create separation of people rather bring people together by being thoroughly enriched with the inspiration of political enlightenment., something this regime is incapable of exhibiting on the national stage.

In a phone-in talk show on the JOY FM Radio Station on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 Comrade Moncio Kpadeh was quick to frown on government’s unwarranted behavior of denying citizens their Constitutional right to engage into private ventures upon meeting all of government’s legally proposed requirements; citing the ongoing row between the PUNCH Radio Station Management that has met all government’s requirements to operate but won’t be given the license or permit to start its operation, because of the administration’s harbored fear of the critical and no praise-singing editorial policies of PUNCH.  He commented when asked by the host about his take on the issue.

According to him, OPRM being a political institution and imbued with the substance of political enlightenment, uprightly chides such cherry-picking policy of government against people with their own hard earned resources to invest in the private sector of the economy, wherein jobs will be provided for some citizens as a great help to the government’s interest, and being truly cognizant without doubt, that the individual (Patrick) involved is a bonofide Liberian citizen well vested in the terrain as professional broadcaster, yet remains stalled for harbored fear, is unacceptable and should be condemned in the strongest term by all well-meaning people.

Touching on report about a lone guy protesting before the US Embassy about the delayed by government to license the PUNCH radio to begin its operation, Moncio Kpadeh openly saluted the profound courage of the lone protestor and noted that the insensitivity clearly demonstrates  the regime’s witch hunt entrenched habit which is undemocratic, totalitarian and not fair a country that should be in the business of instituting the policy of total inclusiveness and not function based on qualms rooted in discrimination and segregation .

The OPRM leader added that it is the cardinal responsibility of his institution to provide political enlightenment for the people by educating them to know what to demand from their governors, and give them the nice and proper exposure to enable them to know the way not to trek politically due to the camouflaged political flaws, adding that everything that OPRM does is hinged on the reflection of good governance. OPRM is also involved with molding and awakening the minds of Liberians to be soberly up to the task for 2023 elections.

-Write GDJ


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