Political Deception At The Highest -With The-This-And-That VP Taylor on The Lofa’s Tour As Window Dressing Traveling Companion; Now, There Arises More Questions Than Answers

Despite the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), Dr. Joseph N. Boakai’s appeal to his people tin transforming the looming  storm to calm, softening the grounds for smooth and easy travel and pleading with the minds of the people of Lofa County to embrace and joyfully welcome and make his (President Weah) stay in the County a memorial one ; the disturbance chemistry of the inclusion of VP Jowell Howard-Taylor on his last leg of his  nationwide tour to that County glaringly sent mixed-signals which most pundits observed as political deception at the highest.

The pundits, getting the heat off their chests. pointed out that it is an open secret that the working relationship between President George M. Weah and his VP Jowell Howard-Taylor has almost reached the dead end for many reasons; mostly bordered on administrative; clash of personality competition; education difference coupled with working experience and international exposure just to tally a few, have created a profound sour grape between the President and his VP over the years.

According to the pundits, they were seriously taken aback that VP Taylor as educated as she  is, she would allow such achievement to be eclipsed by a vivid reality when for four years, the President excommunicated her, totally purged her of her official functions, played with around here as a political toy; completely left her out of the entire formation of the nationwide tour even when he (Weah) went to her (Taylor) turf, that is Bong County, she was never ever in the number, something that should suggest to her that her presence in Lofa County with her boss is strictly for political gain for him, in a place he flunked miserably  to stamp the needed votes, and with tons of political obstacles, she has once again allowed herself to be used as  bridge over troubled-waters.

What does it take for one to learn from the hard and bitter way  political lesion may  present itself that squarely  serves as pointer and the index for tactical maneuverability using the yardstick to project the roadmap in self-discovery politically; and what  or how long should it take a sound, educated and globally exposed woman with emphasis on being a former first lady at that rate, the pundits with heads buried  in their hands, wished, and wondered why Jowell fully aware of the entire game and the applied methods for the journey to second term would fall prey to same. Today, she has allowed herself without second thought to be recklessly used in Lofa as a political shock absorber to the degeneration of her acquired laceration thereby openly and clearly permitting her political detractors and sycophantic weaklings to gloat over her bad move and very politically poor calculation.

Pundits also noted that it was unbelievable for Jowell to stoop so weak and be creamed and mesmerized with charade and deception driven by warn sentimental political platitude very far from any speck of seriousness or truth that she would be picked again as running mate in the second term bid, something that has swollen her so fastidiously with a big and heavy head that she can barely move her own head around. To make the fake news much stronger, her problematic boss then bust her head with the second term running mate “gee”.

This was the moment that took VP Taylor by a breezy surprise when she heard President Weah lavishing praises on her (Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor), who is also on the Lofa trip with him, for the good job she is doing.
He said the Vice President is a smart woman who is working to impact lives and help the government achieve its objectives.
President Weah also had a town hall meeting with citizens in Zorzor at which time he recounted government’s development basket for the country, mainly for Lofa County.

However, it would have been marvelously strange had he (Weah) he continues his operations without politically side-sweeping former vice president Joseph N. Boakai, the pundits observed.

President used his Salayea’s speech to appeal to residents of Lofa County to consider him as a ‘son’ and not an outsider, and promised to manifest his ‘love’ for for the county with massive development projects.

“Sometimes the person you consider your son can disappoint you; and the person you consider an outsider can be that person who will make you proud in the future”, President Weah said

“I believe what I’m going to do for te people of Lofa County before my three years end as president ad will make them regard me as one of their own”.

Taking on Boakai directly, President Weah mentioned about the deplorable state of the Lofa road, despite serving (Boakai) as vive president for 12 years under former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

“Those you considered your son served +in one of the highest positions in government and yet the road leading to his native county is still deplorable. But I have come to tell you that I, George Mannah Weah, the man whom many considered ‘stranger’ to Lofa County, will make you proud when it comes to this road.” President Weah noted.


-Writes GDJ




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