Board Statement

6th July 2020

On behalf of the Editorial Board of the Independent Parrot News Paper, I extend greetings and profound best wishes to the resilient people of Liberia.

As you may be aware, the News Website of the rebranded and reloaded Parrot News Paper will release its median edition on Tuesday, July 6th, 2020 which ultimately marks the official start of a full-scale online publication via our website.

The rebranded and reloaded Independent Parrot Newspaper shall operate under the editorial stewardship of veteran and erudite Liberian Journalist and Editor, prolific writer, Revolutionary Ideologue and social justice campaigner, Gus D. Jaeploe. The Editorial Board of the Parrot Newspaper in its special sitting over the weekend unanimously voted to have Editor Jaeploe lead the Parrot in such a critical and difficult moment in the existence of our dear nation, Liberia.

Gus brings not only his wealth of experience and incredibly unmatched pen mastery to the Parrot editorial team, but he also brings integrity, nobility, intestinal fortitude, professionalism and a huge passion for the journalism profession. As a man with conscience and ethos coupled with his revolutionary urgings, we can all expect that the Parrot will be a revolutionary newspaper with emphasis essentially placed on good governance, rule of law, social justice, equal rights, and the perennial anomalies that continue to permeate and encumber Liberia since its founding, to include; corruption, impunity, political patronage, cronyism, nepotism, tribalism, marginalisation, vicious witch hunt etc.

The Truth as our Motto succinctly intimates remains the fundamental principle and operational guide of the Parrot Newspaper. We shall not embellish nor economize the truth to please or hurt anyone, we shall report the unvarnished truth at all times, no matter who is concerned and how brutal it may appear. The point is that we harbour absolutely no embedded or ulterior motives order than standing for the truth and resisting the deadly vices and idiosyncrasies that continue to plunge Liberia and its struggling masses into the pit of wanton decadence—economic misery, social deprivation and national dissonance and barrenness.

Consequently, our editorial philosophy is egalitarianism, our editorial mission is social justice and fierce resistance to the excesses and evils perpetrated by the ruling establishment against the people and our editorial goal is the realization of a Liberia that works for all its people, not few — we renounce a Liberia with the barbaric tendency that privileges the few over the many. The Parrot shall be keenly dedicated to the empowerment of the people, the political stability of the state and the rigorous adherence to democratic order and all its sacred affinities.

We warmly congratulate Managing Editor Gus Jaeploe on his preferment and extend best wishes on to him as he embarks on yet another editorial voyage with a critical and defining national epoch at hand. May the Almighty Deity be his shield and guidance, we pray.

Backing up Editor Gus Jaeploe at the Parrot is a team of astute and incredible Liberian writers who will do thematic analyses in all aspects of our national ecosystem, they are:

Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh

Baba Silla

Gus Tamba

Julius T. Jaesen, II

Alfred Bombo Kiadii

Moses Uneh Yahmia

Martin K.N. Kollie

Quardu Mohammed Kamara

Andrew Borbor Werley Jaye

Foday Massaquoi


We extend profound thanks and appreciation to these distinguished and ideological patriots for signing on as contributing writers of the Rebranded and Reloaded Parrot Newspaper.


Thank you.

Abraham David

Secretary of the Editorial Board

The Parrot Newspaper

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