Parrot Newspaper names Julius T. Jaesen, II as its Associate Managing Editor

The Independent Parrot Newspaper, the nation’s premier news empire and bastion of accurate, balanced and credible source of information with over 20 years of existence in the Liberia’s media landscape, has today in its Board Meeting, named Julius T. Jaesen, II as Associate Managing Editor.

Mr. Julius T. Jaesen, II is a young prolific Liberian writer, poet, grassroots political organizer, message development specialist, speechwriter, researcher and a globally acclaimed published author on Amazon, Grin, Harvard University, Google Play Store and tons of online shopping stores. He is a firebrand progressive revolutionary struggle figure champion of social justice and academic freedom, and also an enthusiastic apologist of freedom speech and expression with over 15 years experience in the interpretation of the geo-political sociology and chemistry of Liberia.

The young emerging Liberian scholar and writer, Julius T. Jaesen, II, will deputize Mr. Gus Jaeploe, a veteran journalist in the media landscape of Liberia who is the Managing Editor of the Parrot Newspaper. Mr. Gus D. Jaeploe doesn’t only bring his over 30 years of experience in the media to the Parrot Newspaper, but he brings nobility, integrity, decency and professionalism to the our news outlet.

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