Parrot Fires Back At Ojuku Nyenpan, Tweah and Mcgill – Sets Record Straight

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Parrot Online News is deeply saddened and stunned by a press statement that flooded the social media on Saturday, November 7, 2020, under the signature of T. Ojuku Nyenpan, a junior brother to the late Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan, and who is also an Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. In said press statement written by Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah, and given to T. Ojuku Nyenpan to affix his signature and publish, it asserts that Parrot Online News is on a mission to smear the memories of the late minister by projecting information that is far removed from the truth about the actual cause of the minister’s death.

While we’re stunned and shocked by the press statement from Ojuku, but yet we aren’t impervious and averse of the fact that in our pious quest to seek justice for the family members of the deceased minister, some credulous elements and gullible relatives to the late minister will choose out of love for money and coercion, to enter into unholy matrimony with masterminds of the state-sponsored killings of public officials and ordinary citizens. We are very much aware of the pressure wielded on Assistant Minister Ojuku Nyenpan from Samuel Tweah and Nathaniel McGill to debunk Parrot publication and distant the family from such news report. But the settled and incredibly truth is, Parrot news report was thoroughly written and anchored on pieces of information gathered from credible family’s sources and officials in the hierarchy of the governing CDC.

We didn’t out of the blue sky imagined stories and threw them out to the public. We can’t do that! Parrot Newspaper has been and is still is, a credible and evidenced-based news outlet that takes delight in investigative journalism. To further emphasize and entrench our position, let it be known that Parrot is one of the credible media outlets that relentlessly upholds the canons of journalism in the course of performing our duties and responsibilities to the only place we call our country.

So, immediately following the death of the minister, family members (names withheld for security reasons) reached out to us and narrated every story the deceased told them about the meeting he had with those evil guys who killed him with fish poison. They asked us to seek justice on their behalf and as well to express their wanton disgust about the alarming wave of state-organised killings. Initially, they wanted to talk and seek justice for themselves but reminded us that they can’t do so any longer simply because their lives came under threats from those who killed their brother and family man. It will shock you to note that family’s sources were corroborated by people within top positions in government and as well the Head of Security at Public Works. They like the Nyenpan’s family, are living in fears that the same could happen to them the day they disagree with Nathaniel McGill and Samuel Tweah.

So, seeing a counter statement that was ill-constructed by Samuel Tweah, a voodoo zombie and romantic economist and passed over to Ojuku to officially issue in an attempt to conceal the cause of death of his big brother doesn’t move us, to say the least. We are fully aware that Ojuku Nyenpan, in times like these, and while painfully grieving the loss of his big brother, has to survive and for that, the only way he thinks it out is to safeguard his ministerial job while the bigger one is pending when his big brother is finally put to rest in his coffin.

All we can say, we will keep our eyes on Ojuku from now and henceforth. We believe that no amount of money or any favour promised by Nat McGill and Sam Tweah can pay for the excruciating pain the family is going through right now. Moreover, we want to let the public know that the family members who provided Parrot with inside information are deeply shocked over the purported statement in the media believed to be representative of their collective position. They have reaffirmed their blessings on us to seek justice on their behalf. They are praying for us as we expose those who killed their son, father and brother as we seek the path of justice for them.

Moving beyond the Nyenpan’s family episode, we want to let Liberians and the world know that the secret killings taking place under the government of ex-soccer legend, George Weah, didn’t start with the murder of the four auditors.
The mysterious deaths started long ago but some of those killed weren’t the high-profiled guys to raise public suspicion. One of such persons who died under mysterious circumstances was George Kollie. George Kollie was an independent engineer who went to South Africa along with McGill, Tweah, Saifuah Mai Gray, Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan and others to negotiate a deal with Lone Rock Company to finance the pavement of the RIA and Gbarpolu roads. Excruciatingly shocking, George Kollie returned to Liberia along with the investors from Lone Rock and other government officials, visited McGill at his home to know what benefits were inside the negotiations for them all. Surprisingly, the next day he was pronounced dead. Up to today, his family members are living with that unbearable pain and can not fathom such mysterious death of their father, son and brother, George Kollie.

It’ll also interest you note that when officials of Lone Rock Company came to Liberia, Tweah and McGill lodged them at the Boulevard Palace on 12th Street, Sinkor and each of them took a room at the hotel with those investors not on their account but the investors from Lone Rock. Lone Rock Company was supposed to do the financing of the stretch of the RIA road and as well the Gbarpolu road, and upon completion, a toy boat will be placed on the two roads in order for the company to generate their money they were supposed to spend. But sadly, Tweah, McGill and their accomplices extorted money from Lone Rock outside the actual deal – something which frustrated and disheartened the investors to the point that they have to leave Liberia.

Also, Matthew Innis who was an employee at the Central Bank of Liberia lifeless body was found lying bare in the street during the period the 16 missing billion was being investigated by the government of Liberia and Kroll, an international firm.

Lastly, we want to emphasize that Parrot is not perturbed nor embarrassed by the action of the deceased minister’s little brother, Ojuku Nyenpan, to betray the rest of the family members, and as well cause his big brother’s soul to be troubled and disturbed in wherever place he’s resting if not martyrdom.

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