Parrot Extends Happy Birthday Greetings to its Associate Editor Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Board of the Parrot Newspaper along with its administrative staff extends warmest happy birthday greetings and facilitations to it’s Associate Managing Editor, Julius T. Jaesen, II. on the commemoration of his 35th birthday anniversary.

Mr Jaesen is a young enterprising Liberian who carries nobility in character and as well in his intelligence. The Parrot family is extremely proud to have such noblest character and a daring patriot in its ranks. He is no doubt, a globally acclaimed prolific writer, poet, essayist, biographer, anthologist, speechwriter, message development specialist and a campaign strategist.

When we speak of young people who have given their lives to sainted and pious causes for Liberia and Africa’s redemption, the comrade revolutionary and political theologian and philosopher is a classic exemplar of such young people. When he detested and opposed the excesses with every ounce of his blood during the Unity Party regime headed Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, it landed him in prison and was later charged for sedition, criminal conspiracy and criminal malevolence. For almost two decades, amidst the ebbs and flows of tempestuous waters, the astute comrade has never wavered in the struggle.
On this day, we wish you a happy birthday.


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