Parrot Editorial Board Alarms Sinister Ploy by Bio-SLPP to Decimate the Life of Dr. Sylvia Blyden

By Parrot Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Parrot News Website, a subsidiary of the Parrot News Agency, categorically condemns what allegedly appears to be a creeping ploy by the government of retired Brigadier General, Julius Maada Bio, to annihilate and decimate the life of one of its staunchest critics, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR, through its security institutions. The Parrot Editorial Board is currently in possession of a leaked communication from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Sierra Leone Police under the signature of one Mr. John Kenneth Alpha written to INTERPOL Guinea for the extradition of Dr. Sylvia Blyden and seven others on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and other related offences whilst in neighbouring Guinea against the Republic of Sierra Leone. However, Parrot would like to emphasize for the record that the claim made by the government that Dr. Sylvia Blyden is in Guinea on the run is baseless, maliciously conjectured, unfounded and is nothing else but an embellishment of the truth. Let it be made known that Dr. Blyden is not in Guinea and has committed no crime against her country.

Since the publication of the leaked document on 4th February 2021, which has gone viral on social media, the Sierra Leone Police has not denied the validity and authenticity of the document but rather informed newsmen and the general public that they have launched an investigation into the matter to establish how said document that supposed to be a secret police document for the arrest of Dr. Blyden and others went public. We have gathered from the official spokesman of the Sierra Leone Police in an interview that two officials of the police who have been allegedly accused of leaking what is believed to be a secret document on the arrest and extradition of Dr. Blyden and others have been sacked so far. But notwithstanding, the government is still sending out outlandish lies to the public that Dr. Sylvia Blyden is on the run in Guinea even after she (Dr. Blyden), upon seeing the leaked document, vehemently rebutted such state-organised scam to malign her character and informed Sierra Leoneans and the world at large that she is in her country and not on any run as maliciously insinuated by the government.

However, what beats sadly the imagination of the Parrot Editorial Board is the fact that if the government of H.E. Julius Maada Bio genuinely believes that Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and her cohorts have conspired to commit crimes against the Republic of Sierra Leone, why is it that since the month of February, Dr. Blyden had made over three appearances at the Sierra Leone Judiciary, precisely, its High Court, to present her arguments in support of her election petition filed against the 2018 presidential election while the very police officers are seen present on the precincts of the Judiciary every day but can’t arrest her to answer to their purported and trumped-up charges mentioned in their leaked document. This singular act on the part of the government of Bio through its security apparatuses purveying a malevolent impression that Dr. Blyden has left her country and is currently on the run in neighbouring Guinea when there are preponderance of proofs evidencing that she is being seen in the public space in her country, especially at the High Court, left many to sense the calculated ploy by the government of Sierra Leone to have her decimated and secretly buried whilst the world is told that she and others have absconded justice and are on the run.

The aforementioned logical inference from the Editorial Board of Parrot News Website and Newspaper is heavily manifested and backed by the advice of a top-notch security expert to Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. “Sylvia, this Interpol issue and the silence from Ernest Koroma APC leadership to protect you, is becoming concerning. I saw the SL Police Spokesman interview on video. So, it’s true that they wrote to Interpol Guinea knowing fully well that you are alive and well in Sierra Leone. That sounds ominous. Take it very seriously!! That is a gimmick usually done by rogue regimes to “disappear” their political opponents “in cold blood” and pretend they don’t even know where they were. They will now publicize their pre-dated memo to Interpol with the impression you have not been in the country for sometimes now but in neighbouring Guinea. They would tell the Press … ”look we even wrote to the National Central Bureau (NCB) in Guinea requesting that they send her and others back”; we have no idea where she is.

Sylvia, note that Ernest Koroma is under serious BLACKMAIL and he will not say anything if they kill you. Nothing may come out of it. The SLPP establishment now controls the mainstream media in SL and the international media outlets like BBC Umaru Fofana; they will laboriously publish that lie! I advise you to write to all the key embassies in Freetown and international human rights organizations. That regime is up to something sinister!! Don’t leave it lying”, a top-notch security expert who had worked in the UN circle wrote to Dr. Sylvia Blyden.

Interestingly, the Parrot Editorial Board is in possession of a judicial notice informing Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR of a hearing slated for February 2, 2021, into her election petition case filed against the election of President Julius Maada Bio. Besides, we have also been reliably informed that two different hearings were held on 17th and 22nd of February 2021 respectively where Dr. Sylvia Blyden was seen publically in the hallowed chambers of the Honourable Supreme Court representing eloquently before several legal luminaries and the erudite and learnt Justices of the High Court herself in her election petition case filed against President Bio. So, on which grounds did the government of Sierra Leone write INTERPOL 4th February 2021, concocting lies that Dr. Blyden is in Guinea and to be extradited, if not for a sinister motive to eliminate her and have the public lived with the unfounded notion that she is a fugitive?

According to Dr. Blyden, when the document leaked, she freely engaged the Director of CID Police, Chief Superintendent John Kenneth Alpha, to ask of him why her name is listed on that fake intelligence sent to INTERPOL NCB but he was not forthcoming and he could not even tell her if or why she is wanted. She added: “I hope Sierra Leoneans are paying attention especially those who like to pretend as if my alarms that I regularly raise are mere attention-seeking gimmicks. Why should the Police go over their SLPP radio station this morning to give credence to NONSENSE LIES that I am hiding in Guinea?”

According to Dr. Blyden, she continues to live her life freely as a law-abiding citizen who has no criminal record. In her response to the measured ploy of state security to present her as a fugitive who is on the run, she however intimated that since she returned home to Sierra Leone from America in August 2019, she has not stepped foot out of Sierra Leone. She told newsmen that she is not on the run for any crime and certainly not in Guinea but rather living peacefully with her people in Sierra Leone.

“It is clear to all that my ‘crime’ within both my own APC party and within the governing SLPP is simply because ordinary citizens see me as a cut above politicians who regularly disappoint them. My natural and effortless appeal bothers this SLPP Regime and their collaborators within my own APC. My appeal is not as a result of any position that I neither hold nor is it paid for either. I don’t use money, authority or power for my appeal. It is a God-given natural appeal that comes smoothly after over two decades of selfless service to this country. God sees my heart and rewards me with natural love from my people for me. However, my natural appeal panics my fellow politicians. They don’t understand why I am deeply admired and adored by the ordinary men and women of this country”, Dr. Blyden asserted in her social media post.

Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has equally accused the current APC leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma for what she described as tacitly endorsing the very nefarious and barbaric manner in which the SLPP of Julius Maada Bio is seriously maligning and molesting her for one year now. She claims that all these suggest that she was never under protection from the APC leadership.

“Fellow Citizens, just imagine if I was not blessed with experienced knowledge on how to deflect these malicious attacks from very powerful corridors of authority? I continue to live my life brightly. I will not let them dim my light because my light makes their eyes uncomfortable. I also will not allow anyone to hold the pen that writes the story of my life for me”, Dr. Blyden added.

Moreover, Dr. Blyden claims that the egregious manner in which the Bio-SLPP government has been grievously maligning her character cannot be insulated from her powerful Legal Petition court case seeking to invalidate President Bio’s 2018 Election. “As reported by the respected NEW STORM Newspaper this morning, I told the Supreme Court this week that my motivation for being at the Supreme Court is because I do have presidential ambitions of my own and I will like for the cloudy jurisprudence around Sierra Leone Presidential Elections to be cleared up before it reaches my turn to contest for the Presidency”, she concluded.

However, we have seen since the inception of the Bio-led administration how Dr. Sylvia Blyden had been maltreated, harassed, intimidated and psychologically tortured by police banditry due to her relentless and noble devotion to sainted causes such as advocating for good governance, human rights, peace, transparency and above all, a better Sierra Leone the New Direction of H.E. Julius Maada Bio promised in the 2018 election that brought him to the helm of power. Sadly, we recall how heavily armed policemen on 1st May 2020 broke into the compound of Dr. Sylvia Olayinka, vandalized her properties, arrested and placed her behind rusty bars for over three weeks before the government came up with their trumped-up seditious libel and subversion charges against her – a case that was nolle prosequi by the court only because the government had no evidence of their bogus claims to adduce. Dispiritingly appalling, one month after the seditious libel case was thrown out of court due to lack of evidence to find her guilty, heavily armed police officers again on December 15, 2020, went at the Cockle Bay residence of Dr. Sylvia Blyden to have her arrested on charges that she wrote against the First Family (Bio and his wife) on her social media page and in the Awareness Times, a newspaper owned by her. All these constant intimations and harassment are meant to break the spirit and take away the moral courage and intestinal fortitude of Dr. Blyden from exercising her rights to freedom of expression.

It is in view of this, the Editorial Board of Parrot News Website would like to draw the attention of several international bodies to include the British Embassy near Freetown, U.S. Embassy, Mano River Union, ECOWAS, African Union, United Nations and all concerned partners who stand in defense of democracy and development, to what from all indications, appears to a sinister ploy by the government of Julius Maada Bio to have crusading social justice advocate and unarguably, the most admired and followed Sierra Leone’s female politician, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden eliminated. We call of all and sundry to demand the government of President Bio to retract their outlandish lies and guarantee under the laws of Sierra Leone, the life and safety of Dr. Blyden and all those who advocate for a better country. Gone at those days where governments allergic to political dissents chose nefarious and egregious paths by slaughtering their critics.


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