Parrot Condemns Grave Threat on the Life of its Associate Managing Editor – Calls for Immediate Investigation

The Parrot Online News condemns categorically and in the strongest term, the brutal attack on the life of our Associate Managing Editor, Mr Julius T. Jaesen, on yesterday evening, August 4, 2020, by thuggish bandits who operated directly under the instruction of Mr Nathaniel Bracewell, Deputy Director-General for Concessions of the National Bureau of Concessions.

Our preliminary investigation reveals that our Associate Managing Editor, Mr Jaesen was attacked simply because he holds dissenting opinions against the Weah’s led administration over the last two years and as well his proximity with Gregory O.W. Coleman who was also forced to resign his tenure position because of a similar attack on his life at the NBC by Nathaniel Bracewell and his cohorts of incompetent nitwits who with the blessings of higher-ups and egg heads in the CDC, have rebirthed dictatorship and repression of political opponents in our home soil.

Parrot warns that gone at those days where critical voices in Liberia will be bundled up and eliminated gruesomely by regime thugs and hired assassins only because they stand opposed to excesses in the ruling government. Parrot believes that this is an assault on our nascent democracy and a complete declaration of war on freedom of speech and expression. We believe that our democracy thrives when we embrace alternative views in our drive to make Liberia actually a glorious land of liberty.

We strongly call on the Liberia National Police to launch an immediate investigation into this embarrassing situation and brutal attempt by Nathaniel Bracewell to eliminate our editor, Julius Jaesen.

We are in a similar manner drawing the attention of our international partners, the US Embassy, Europe Union, UN, and sundry to the wave of threats of violence and attacks on critical voices in Liberia by elements of the corrupt ruling clique. We ask our international partners to not sit idle and allow our hard-won peace and gains achieved through their unwavering support rollback. We want to register to you our international partners, the brutal attack on the life of our Associate Managing Editor, Mr Julius T. Jaesen II. We see this as an attempt to provoke violence and return Liberia once again, to its bitter past. We have fought with blood, sweat, unrelenting velour and we have lost the lives of our compatriots in arms to reach this remarkable feat to enjoy the fruits of this pluralistic democracy laboured for through 14 years of civil war. We must not once again, return this country of ours to its dark days. Certainly, we must resist every temptation to rebirth our unhappy past.






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