Paramount Chief Musa Kamara Remembered -As Dr. Boakai In A Tribute Scored Him A Reliable, Dependable And Credible Leader Worthy of Trust

Former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai in his tribute to the renowned late Paramount Chief Musa Kamara of Quadu-Gbondi said, he was honored to have had a great and influential character (Paramount Chief Kamara) as his good friend and brother.

Speaking at the 40-day Feast held in Monrovia on May 17, 2021 when he joined the people of Quadu-Gbondi, well-wishers and family members, former Vice President Boakai praised and remembered the late Paramount Chief as a good and honest businessman and an astute leader who will forever be missed by many due to the high level development he inspired for the people of Lofa County.

Commending the people of Quada-Gbondi for sharing such a great leader with the people of Lofa County whose leadership touched so many people progressively, H. E. Dr. Joseph N. Boakai noted that he shall forever cherish the warm, cordial and fruitful friendship he had with the late Paramount Chief Musa Kamara which shall ever remain green.

The late Paramount Chief was a very staunch leader of the Mandingo Tribe whose leadership ensured peaceful harmony and co-existence, and as a great leader and a dynamic political player on the stage of time, Dr. Boakai maintained that he treasured the gratitude accorded him by the late paramount chief, adding, not only that the people of Quadu-Gbondi missed a hard working loving son and a peace advocate, but Liberia as a nation indeed, has missed a very great, good, farsighted and irreplaceable leader.

The most widely acclaimed statesman also assured the family and four wives of the late Paramount Chief Musa Kamara of his unwavering and continued friendship.

At the same time, pundits have extolled the presence of Dr. Boakai at the 40-day Feast despite the late paramount chief being a partisan of the Unity Party, and a sincere friend of his, and has worked very hard including campaigning vigorously for him during the 2017 election, ensuring that he (Boakai) received the most need votes from the county; thereby making the county a no-go-zone for any archrival.

Political observers also pointed out that Paramount Chief Kamara was rated as the most strongest political leader in the whole Mandingo setting of the county of which many benefitted from his leadership ability; and from such posture demonstrated and rooted in the county, it has become much clearer that the Mandingo segment of the county has been profoundly cemented and in high gear for the forward march for Dr. Boakai come 2023, of which he considered his (Boakai’s) greatest political turf and compliment.

Paramount Chief Musa Kamara died on April 7, 2021 and was laid to rest in his home-Quadu-Gbondi.

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