Panic, Mistrust In CPP -Will ‘Political Erosion’ Finally Crack Its Cohesiveness?

With the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) already appearing to inwardly be weakened immensely by the impatience-driven-greed which has vehemently created the incurable toxin of panic and mistrust virus, it is becoming clearer, that the signed document by all those professed to stick and stay with the shared aim and objective, the latter (document) may not see the light of day; considering what is clandestinely simmering from within currently.

Already, pundits are gathering around the obvious understanding with total regret and sad disappointment that the reverse is much more politically certain that the incumbent’s second term bid now inching gradually towards victory; instead of suffocating the internal over-ambitiousness; could become the death bed of the weary and saddled CPP.

The amazing stories filtering in the public glare from within, the once beacon of hope to surely make President George M. Weah a one term President is being gravely hampered and grimly injured by those without a stable fundamental farsighted foundation coupled with absolute sacrifice to properly effectuate without second thought, the spirit of collectivism with one solid achievement; to make the incumbent a one term President which must be the first and foremost commitment as the position of strength and the proven political showcase of what can be done and accomplished by unified people with clear hearts and minds, no matter which specific occupation (position from the convention’s) that may come one’s way.

Pundits are now beginning to ask just whose hope and dream have not only been discouragingly dashed, but expectation stigmatically  done with amidst such a politically charged atmosphere wherein most people, with their trust and unwavering hope in the could-be-crumbling CPP, registered their firm desire to make the incumbent a one term President, is fast too becoming a faux. There are all sorts of nerve-wrecking developments with most of such discouragingly bordered on internal maneuverings to out stage another from being selected as the CPP’s ticket bearer, while in the interim, monkey wrangle has been thrown in the Liberty Party (LP); as the Alternative National Congress’s (ANC) Political Leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has come under tons of allegations of spreading significant amount of money both within the CPP, and in other political settings  to see him being the face of the CPP and by extension, the president of the Republic of Liberia at the close of the 2023 presidential election; compounded with a leaked audiotape alleging top brass of the Liberty Party to throw their weights behind Cummings at the consensus building exercise or the convention indicator, depending on which way it may turn.

Despite the Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer, Dr. Joseph N. Boaka’si early appeal that all indicators show that he is the only person who can defeat the incumbent based on his previous election’s record  and should be given the chance to head the ticket of the CPP, due to his experience in governance and the Liberian political terrain, for only for one term  just to serve his country and people at the highest political echelon, and provide the quality of leadership they have been craving for desperately; against the determined consistency of Mr. Cummings to continue to fight to the end for the (CPP’s) first-place ticket without thwarting his political crusade, and added that only the end of the journey will the result show who heads the ticket, something he vows to support as enshrined in the CPP’s Manifesto signed by heads of the four collaborating political parties-UP, ALP, ANC and  LP.

As the economically-troubled people continue to ponder with disdainful expectation about how to be fished out of such political quagmire perpetually confronting them, a wide speculation that while Cummings may not stand a fruitful chance or do well in the consensus aspect, but could sail well in the convention; and that with the so many cash he is presiding over; and despite the huge population of Liberians without critically considering their plights after the election upon receiving teaspoonful of raw rice and few dollars to vote for such providers inspite of the ongoing political awareness messages for people to vote for their future and that of their children’s children;  that Dr. Boakai does not have that heap of cash to meet Cummings, and to determine cash pressure against cash pressure and speed against speed,; it’s  heard in certain quarters of the society that the mighty Congress for Democratic  Change (CDC) is going all out with all of its might to capture and make real the second term bid, with the availability and the spending spree of cash is nothing to worry about to say the least. In short, the money will be spent and who all can run in that and make it in a money-driven and controlled race, can dare attempt-

Based on such utopian style of elections, some people see Cummings to be ideally and pretty positioned to combat the ruling CDC in the pool of cash for the presidency; and counting on the alleged reports of clandestine huge spending of Cummings, pundits believe that he who is not afraid of the political death of ten thousand cuts, can dare enter the race, while most of the political observers maintained that in view of all of that; DIAMONDS ARE NOT FOR EVER..

However, as the nation is steaming up for the pending general and presidential elections in 2023, in a politically divided country; the true chemistry of the electorates this time will be seen, if they will be eclipsed by personality-clout imbued with absolute blind loyalty or will close their eyes to pity and vote for the survivability of the progressiveness of the country, wherein the leadership’s performance will,  without doubt, ensure a positive and productive secured  livelihoods and future for all Liberians without second thoughts. This is where Liberia stands, and the political ball is in their (people’s) court to make Liberia better or further break it for real.

-Writes GDJ


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