Outrageous Conduct -Were Nanborlor Singbeh And Others Shielded? As Compromising Moral Values Is The Death Bed Of Transparent Justice?

The word compromise has become one of the most chronically dangerous viruses currently piercing every nook and bond of the governance system of this administration almost totally missed out when it comes to stalling the desire of greed and devotedly calculated patronage.

When a society runs and politically controlled by an elected party to form, organize and set into motion a governance system to administer the affairs of the state and people, obviously, it becomes binding on that band of administrators to play by the rules governing the state as stipulated in the Constitution wherein, liberty, security and justice for all including investors who braced our shores with their resources to establish their operational institutions under the canopy of doing business, knowing that the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made no mistake when he sounded that injustice one place is a threat to justice everywhere, no matter who the perpetrators may be.

From the onset of this daylight robbery of the two Czech investors when the morally questionable behavior of then embattled and tainted Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh was summoned to appear in court and answer to alleged criminal charges levied against him, simmering responses which are so outrageous in conduct were being heard and seeing flying around to delay Singbeh from honoring the court’s legitimate request to appear.

Firstly it was reported that the Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie erected the first ‘speed-breaker’ that for some time, succeeded in holding onto the delay; and as the demand from the court intensified, it was later switched that he (Singbeh) had a

rendezvous with President George M. Weah at his (Weah’s) part-time office located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that for sure, would require some delay and waiting which also would bear some drag. But how, what and why was the engagement and the timing so reflected a coincidence, again, also speaks volume of a mystery worth the one million dollars question.

Governance worldwide, is a very serious venture, total submission in terms of the devoted obligation to public service wherein the tenets of democracy are not tampered with let alone compromised, just to say the least, because the manner, form and style in which the affairs of the management of the tasks of governance and democracy is being handled, clearly project an open and exposed mirror, through which the determining factors of being up to the tasks or not by the governed  and investors on the ground including potential investors duly take critical notes for the way forward, either to stick and stay with collective hope and surety on the part  of the government and its reliable partners; or develop second thought from the condition of unfolding trends of events thereby calling the investments a day; which shockingly sends a disturbing signal and heart breaking message to would-be investors picking up the pieces to make their move to join their colleagues of investors or not.

At that juncture, steps leading to the breaking point and the realization of the unwarranted cutting edge become ever clearer due to the regime’s consistence and persistence practice of business as usual, without the least expectation of attempting a positive change somewhere, and somehow.-

The run-down toxin of compromise with shielding as staunch bedfellow has become a renowned habitual pastime for the self-styled Pro-Poor leadership with the Minister of Finance Samuel Tweah’s corrupt malice of wasting US$25 million from the national coffer intended for a mop-up exercise for the resuscitation of the suffocated economy, was never punished rather the penalty was compromised and landed in the castle of shielding;

the COVID-19 stimulus package of over US$30 million placed in the care of Mr. Wilson Tarpeh left the high hope and aspiration of the people in complete limbo.

While the people are still yearning for their share of the package, and amidst serious hullabaloos and pressure for Tarpeh to give thorough account or face the wrath of the law, indeed, that also has been compromised and he (Tarpeh) continues to cruise in the palace of shielding; the many questionable gigantic structures erected around the capital and owned by the privileged few including President Weah is equally receiving the glory of compromise  on the alterr of impunity and shielding from popular demand from the public in-depth scrutiny.

With such growing and reluctantly unchecked outrageous conduct in full swing, no matter how many magic wand a system may possess, so true, it will perpetually remain the most feared place and authority to do business with, even if such resources are up and out for waste; they just won’t find their way to the setting of compromise and shielding-no way my boy due to the outrageous conduct.

So habitual and entrenched that the compromise and shielding virus has found its way in the human rights report of the U.S. State Department with Singbeh’s criminal duping saga being a case study, despite also trying desperately to compromise and shield the failed to become National Elections Commission Chairman  Nbudusi Nwabudike,  after another uphill battle to get him out of the chairman’s seat of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC).

As recorded in the State Department’s Report on Corruption based on the current case study; following an investigation by the LACC, on June 2, a grand jury indicted Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh, as well as former officials of the National Investment Commission (NIC), for defrauding two Czech investors of approximately five million dollars in a gravel production business.

Singbeh was charged with economic sabotage, theft of property, forgery, and criminal conspiracy. Singbeh allegedly used his position to obtain a government investment incentive package, which he used unlawfully to import vehicles and equipment for personal gain.

On June 29, court officers of Criminal Court C arrested Singbeh. The case remained pending before the court at year’s end.

Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay had earlier ordered officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the court officers to arrest Singbeh after his family had informed the court that he is under self-quarantine and therefore cannot turn himself over to the court as demanded by      Judge Gbeisay.

Moreover, Singbeh was later released and allowed to go back home after the Sky International Insurance Corporation secured a US$312,500 criminal appearance bond to prevent him from being sent to the Monrovia Central Prison on Monday.

As a condition attached to the bond, the Sky International Insurance Company promised the court that the bond will be null and void, after July 15, 2020, “If the balance US$4,000 is not fully paid.”

At the same time, Singbeh’s surety promised, “the heirs and administrators will serve as surety for Mr. Nanborlor Singbeh, who is bonded by Mrs. Deddeh J. Singbeh.” The sufficiency and condition of bond is a subject of challenge by the government.

Singbeh, together with Afriland First Bank, Ecobank-Liberia and several individuals was indicted on June 2, 2020, by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County stationed at another court, the Criminal Court ‘A,’ for duping two Czech Republic brothers, Pavel and Martin Miloschewsky, who had transferred US$5,062,419.10 in both cash and equipment to the country through Singbeh for the establishment of MHM Eko-Liberia, a rock crushing company.

It may be recalled that the

The Miloschewskys claimed to have transferred US$2,495,103 through Ecobank-Liberia, and US$102,000 to Afriland First Bank, but the company was never established and the equipment was also sold by Singbeh and his co-defendants.

Their indictment grew from an investigative report conducted by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) through the Attorney-In-Fact of two Czech Republic brothers, Pavel and Martin Miloschewsky, Hans Armstrong, a British national.

s It can be recalled that the, In June 2019 a grand jury indicted 10 persons, including House of Representatives Edward W. Karfiah and Josiah M. Cole, following an investigation by the LACC into corruption related to construction of the Bong County Technical College.

According to the press release, the individuals were accused of using fraud to embezzle approximately $2.7 million in county development funds. In media reports, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Alex Tyler was listed in documents as owning 7.5 percent of the company contracted to build the college.

Tyler was Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time of the alleged scheme, and funds from the national budget were allocated to the project despite a lack of visible progress.

-Writes GDJ

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