Our Legislature is Harmful Than Helpful…

How can the poor and unsuspecting Liberian masses ever have faith in their current government when their Lawmakers who should be ensuring that the Executive Branch conforms and accedes to the highest standard of good governance are the very ones who are disdainfully conniving and colluding, aiding and abetting the grand pillaging of state resources to the detriment of the nation? Rather than appropriating money to improve the poor and appalling educational and health care systems, our lawmakers would rather conspire with the rogue Executive to apportion onto themselves thousands of state funds under the fraudulent pretext of “Legislative engagement or Legislative Projects”. Instead of ensuring that the budget serves the socioeconomic interest of the peasant masses, our lawmakers would prefer to saturate and inundated the budget with shadowy appropriations that essentially seek to grease their pockets and those of their “Partners-In-Thievery” in the executive branch.


Rather than setting good examples of transparency, accountability, and probity, these dishonorable lawmakers have astoundingly set before them a barrier to stonewall scrutiny or accounting for public monies budgeted to each of them yearly. The question that lingers aloud and stares into the ugly faces of these buzzard Lawmakers is, if the legislature whose constitutional role, in effect, is to ensure good governance, cannot subject itself to audit and account for public monies, what moral pedestal does it stand on to demand good governance from the Executive? This is exactly why crooked George Weah runs the country like his fiefdom thereby looting and plundering the resources anyhow he feels.


For nothing more than greedy reasons, the majority of our lawmakers have defaulted and faltered on their constitutional duties to call the Executive to order and ensure proper governance and full accountability of state resources. Their hands are in the “Cookies Jar” joyously sharing in the brazen looting of the country. From Lawmakers to bootlickers are who they have become and Mr. Weah is certainly having a lofty feast on them. He throws peanuts at them and steals millions along with his band of vultures, and they dare not utter a word to him because the majority of them have compromised. This is heartbreaking, to say the least, that your people will repose their confidence in you to represent them at the Legislature and you in return would betray their confidence in the name of “getting rich too”.


The greatest honor any group of people can give to one of their own, is to elect you from amongst equally or more capable citizens to serve them as their leader. It is a privilege to relish and protect with your life. It is the height of dishonor for one to mortgage or gamble the confidence of his people in the name of amassing wealth and living in grandiosity or vanity. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? How much does one need to survive, by the way? How can we change the narrative of our checkered and broken history with such despicable and parochial behaviors continuously exhibited by the people we call leaders?


When I lectured my political science class on the “Separation of Powers” with a focus on the Liberian governing system and structures and its relevance and quintessence to good governance last semester at the University of Liberia, I categorically told my students that without a Legislature that comprises independent, patriotic, selfless, noble, credible, educated, ethical, purposeful, ideological, and results-oriented Lawmakers, the public yearning for good governance and economic prosperity would remain delusional.


Without these virtues and qualities in the Legislature, the Liberian people must expect zero change in the ridiculously depriving and demeaning governing system of their country. The anomalies and iniquities we are sadly enduring at the moment as a people will continue unabated. The legislature must comprise individuals with the stones, steel, and balls to ensure that the right and just things are done void of compromises, fears, and favors, not men and women without ethos and moral compasses, and not people who put their senseless cravings for wealth and garish lifestyles over the soul and well-being of their nation. The way for us to get an effective, efficient, independent, and progressive Legislature is for us, the Liberian people to VOTE RIGHT INDIVIDUALS, not these political parasites and phonies who lust for ill-gotten wealth trumps everything else.


Today, this is what we get from that legislature because a majority of the people we sent there are very bad: Corrupt budget. Compromises against the interest of the people. The imperial presidency was created because they have markedly failed to ensure that there is proper check and balance. Shady concession agreements being ratified in secret sessions. Criminal road contracts awarded for kickbacks. All transparency institutions have been paralyzed and plunged into a functional coma to create an easy pathway for unchecked corruption. Utter violation of the laws without penalty. And the misrule continues. This is the sad conundrum in which Liberia finds itself at the moment and to borrow from the wisdom of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, “Liberia is in deep trouble”.


It is not Uhuru yet!


-Writes Cde. Moncio Robert Kpadeh (Sage)

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