OPRM questions government on the sincerity of Prof. Alaric’s arrest.

The One People Revolutionary Movement has released a damming statement against the calculated plot on the part of the Weah’s government to detain and bundle up, a towering revolutionary struggle figure, Prof. Alaric Tokpa.

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The OPRM is closely monitoring the security of Prof. Alaric Tokpa alias “The Che” and the viciously attempt to bundle him into quarantine merely under false pretext or trumped out the medical report. We believe the diabolical move to declare the erudite professor and adorned statesman COVID-19 positive days after the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) had declared and certificated him negative with a plain bill of health is a brazen machination orchestrated by the ruling buzzards who are so desperate to haunt down all its critics and dissenters. We condemn such barbaric maneuvering in the highest term and chant woe onto the filthy masterminds.

It can be recalled that the chief medical officer of Liberia, Francis Kateh openly declared President Weah Covid-19 free without firstly conducting a medical test to ascertain the proper health status of the president at the time when some government officials, including Information Minister, Eugene L. Nagbe had interacted with the president and later declared Covid-19 positive upon test conducted by NPHIL. What an irony.

Brutal dictatorship and its toxic tendencies are once again rearing their ugly heads and it must be resisted fiercely by all well-meaning patriots of the homeland. We cannot afford to see Liberia relapsed to the dark ages. Repression shall have no place in current Liberia when we are here. We shall resist such menace even to the peril of our lives.

Meanwhile, our gallant Viper unit is on full alert to ensure that any barbarous attempt hatched to harm the distinguished professor and revolutionary extraordinaire, be foiled with the greatest degree of rapid responses. The OPRM Leader, Comrade Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh is expected to release a statement on the matter soon.

Hands-off Prof. Alaric Tokpa, we are warning. Down with George Weah’s vicious ruling clique constitutionally, Up with the Revolutionary Comrade Prof. Alaric Tokpa, Che Guevera.







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