OPRM Leader Robert Kpadeh Endorses Fubbi A. Henries – Pledges to Vigorously Campaign to Ensure his Victory

By Julius T. Jaesen II

The Leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement, Sage Moncio Robert Kpadeh has today endorsed the candidacy of Fubbi A. Henries to fill the vacant seat in District number 9 created as a result of the death of Muna Pelham Young-Blood in the impending by-election slated for December 8, 2020. Speaking at the endorsement program today, the leader of OPRM, comrade Moncio Robert Kpadeh, described Fubbi A. Henries as a leader who is ideological, structured, organised, people-driven and one who offers a profound depth as to what is required to take District number 9 to new and nobler heights.

According to OPRM leader, candidate Henries has all the qualities required of an effective, efficient, progressive and honourable Lawmaker.

“Fubbi unquestionably represents the yearning transformation and productive representation District number 9 and its electorate long and grind for”, Cde. Kpadeh asserts.

Moreover, the leader of OPRM pledges to campaign massively and aggressively for and with candidate Fubbi Henries, and against all odds, to ensure a historic win for him.
According Cde. Moncio, a Fubbi’s win in District number 9 is a win for the broad spectrum of the district irrespective of party leanings.

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