Opportunism And Criminality


Liberia is in the storm of mistrust, disappointments, sadness, selfishness, misery, frustration, applied lackadaisical concept towards the essence of genuine governance in which the governed can see and feel things pathetically happening in manner and form most often very backwardly, contrary to the standard norms of society; wherein honesty, credibility, trust and credibility are savagely being decapitated on the altar to appease opportunism and criminality.

The storm that Liberia finds itself being caught up in is one propelled by long standing leadership crisis;, and this crisis runs very deep that it clearly defines the quality of leadership this nation has been forced to live with; but equally so, in total acquiescence with the very governed, who in their hands rest the power, honor and glory to firstly employ and then empower the governors who in return subjugate them to all sorts of bad leadership toxin that places them in complete quandary.

The governed soon begin to pay so high and so much for their own whistle, but interestingly though, compared them to blow it to produce the sound that only pleases the governors; as the governed not knowing that they are the elephant, but do not know or recognize their constitutional strength with the attended political weight; and while they (governors) amass so much spoils from their very bad leadership mirrored by their political chemistry, and as that is not enough to pause and meditate on turning the corner positively; they go swimming in the pool of opportunism and criminality that dampens the aspirations of the sidelined governed, thereby portraying the outlook of the governed in a very shabby shape, the image of the country absolutely faded and regrettably rumpled in the midst of comity of nations.

All along the quizzical and frustrating leadership route, while the respective leaders, top brass and their favorites politically and economically dine sumptuously at the table of opportunism and criminality, indeed, the governed only experienced the sour taste being forced down their throats. They (governors) have all flunked miserably in the process of dispensation of reflecting the value and culture of implementing and upholding the tenets of good governance of their various leaderships.

Riding high and wide on the unchecked booties politically-propelled opportunism and criminality also show the very inadequate believe system reflective of the limitation or purification that could distinguish and impact the attitude positively, and make the latter a good leader, but unfortunately, they have all fallen far too short to level up to such benchmark, thereby leaving the leadership task in Liberia to continue to fall prey to the sway of the storm of leadership ineptitude  Form yesterday up to today no one can cast  the first stone of breaking away from that contaminated crusading virus-bad, poor, incompetence and massive corruption. Oh no, they collectively cannot put foot.

-Writes GDJ

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