Oh, Greed, Enough is Enough… A Poem


Oh, decrepit Greed your enormities and turpitude sting and pain to the bone marrow, for we cannot fathom how you subject us to the scorching captivity of poverty amid abundance of endowed wealth;

Oh, contemptuous and foolhardy Greed, it beats our imagination how you demeaned us to a “begging-for-crumbs” nation to other nations when the bosom of our nation is crammed with vast and rich natural resources;

Oh, egregious Greed, we know and you know you are the reason for our poor health care system wherein our hospitals lack vaccines, needed drugs, and equipment to prevent and heal curable diseases;

Oh, wicked Greed, we know and you know you are the reason for the appalling, displaying, and embarrassing state of our educational system;

Oh, awful Greed, we know you are  the very reason why our country is ridiculously and painstakingly undeveloped, no superhighways, no overhead bridges, substandard airports and seaports, inadequate and unreliable electricity, no reliable pipe born water, and despairing socioeconomic living conditions;

Oh, obnoxious Greed, your insensitive and incalculable lust to possess all at the painful detriment of the struggling squalor-poor masses, is not only paranoid but utterly barbarous;

Oh, menacing Greed, your avidity for wealth to satisfy your garish lifestyle has entrenched corruption in our government and the entire ecosystem of the nation, as public theft and impunity are acceptable norms;

Oh, unremorseful Greed, what a monster you are, where is your conscience, pride, honor, and dignity if you have any?;

Oh, stinging Greed, do you not see the masses grinding and bustling in starving hunger, dying in hospitals due to lack of drugs and equipment, while some have shamefully become street beggars and horde of abominable things obtaining in the homeland due to the extreme poverty to which you have  subjected us?;

Oh, unsympathetic Greed, can you not see underage girls engrossed into prostitution to earn a living and young boys hooked on dangerous drug substances and perishing in ghettos by the day?;

Oh,  heinous Greed, do you not see the surge in infant and maternal mortality rates caused by a poor and horrifying health care system which is attributed to you, Greed?;

Oh, disdainful Greed, why are blinding your eyes to the socioeconomic calamity and untold misery you have caused for us?;

Oh, heartless and unappeasable Greed, have you not had enough? How much more millions if not billions of dollars you must steal and deposit in offshore accounts?;

Oh, hawkish and disreputable Greed, how much more condominiums do you want to acquire? How much more exotic vehicles do you want to add to your already glamorous fleet of luxurious cars? Another private jet? A few more pleasurable yachts? A few more gorgeous paramount? Oh, Greed, we wonder how much more wealth and goodies would satisfy your material taste?;

Oh, pernicious Greed, what good is it to acquire the whole world and lose your soul?;

Oh, nefarious Greed, enough is enough, you have impoverished, deprived, subjugated, demeaned, and dehumanized us for almost two centuries and counting, can’t you pity and spare us for a moment?;

Oh, decadent Greed must we perish in poverty and misery before you discontinue your vicious debauchery and savagism of our homeland?;

Oh, disgusting and abominable Greed, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your malady. We are weary, depressed, and bruised from enduring your decades of iniquities;

Oh, notorious Greed, socioeconomic freedom, equal distribution of the country wealth, and the right to live in just and proper human conditions are what we long for and all we unapologetically demand;

Oh, infamous Greed, you are nothing but a dreadful sadist, a disgusting foe, a marauding demon, we hate you, we rebuke you, we curse you, and we shall fight and conquer you and rudely reclaim from you all you have stolen from us;

Oh, bigoted Greed, enough is enough, we can endure no more of your blistering agony, we are tired, we are wailing and hurting, please give us a chance to relish what God has graciously endowed upon our land, and may we inform you that some fateful day, you will pay dearly and proportionally for the decades of devastation cruelly inflicted on us.

By: Cde. Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh (Sage)


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