Official Letter of Complaint


Patrick Sudue

Inspector General

Liberia National Police

Capitol Bypass

Monrovia Liberia

August 5, 2020

Official Letter of Complaint

Dear Sir;

I write to officially register my complaint concerning the death attack against my life on yesterday evening, August 4, 2020 at 7:30 PM by some thugs hired by Mr. Nathaniel Bracewell, Deputy Director-General for Concessions of the National Bureau of Concessions who was on the scene.

On yesterday evening, Mr. William K.W. Knowlden drove me and stopped me in Congo Town right opposite the Liberia Land Authority head office and stated that he was making a stop to see someone before going home. There, I decided to continue my journey to Paynesville by stopping a car from that destination Mr. Knowlden dropped me. While I was stopping a commercial vehicle, I saw a group of men led by Nathaniel Bracewell right down the hill closed to where I was standing awaiting a car to continue my journey calling my attention. When I looked behind me, I saw them with stones instructing me not to leave my position or else they will libel me as an armed robber. As they came closer, I they didn’t give in to their demand that I stay right in my position. Immediately when I took some steps to run from them, they chased after me calling me rogue and an armed robber.

After I crossed the other side of the road to where Mr. William Knowlden, former Vice Standard Bearer of the Movement for Progressive Change in the 2017 elections was, I asked him since he knows people around the area to go and enquire from the gentlemen why are they pursuing me. Immediately, Mr. Knowlden mobolised people and they crossed the road to talk to the guys who were after my life. When Mr. Knowlden and others crossed the road to where my attackers were standing with stones in their hands, Nathaniel Bracewell immediately identified himself as Deputy Director-General of NBC and stated that I have been writing against the CDC’s government and libeling officials of the government as thieves and bunch of incompetent bigots and rookies. Besides, he also accentuated that I worked with Hon. Gregory Oliver Wendell Coleman at the National Bureau of Concessions and I did some dirty works for Gregory who he (Bracewell) considered was a spy in their government who stole government money and ran away from the country. Bracewell further asserted that Hon. Gregory Coleman and his accomplices are wanted by the Government of President George Weah and they would assist in going after me, Gregory and all other attached herein.

This is not the first of its kind for my life to be threatened by Nathaniel Bracewell. Last year, Bracewell threatened to mobolise hooligans to go after my life because of my perceived attacks against the CDC government and my relationship with Gregory Coleman but I ignored his threat.

In conclusion, I write to tell the government of Liberia through the LNP, ECOWAS, the US Embassy, EU and sundry that my life is unsafe and under threat by hired assassins believed to be link with the government and its officials.


Best Regards

Julius T. Jaesen, II

Associate Managing Editor

Parrot Online News


Cc US Embassy


European Union


Liberia National Bar Association

Inter-Religious Council

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