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Monday, February 27, 2023

Boakai Condemns CDC Government for Numerous Acts of Violence and Lawlessness Nationwide

Monrovia: – Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, today condemned the Weah government for numerous acts of violence and lawlessness around the country.

Speaking at a press conference held at his offices in the Rehab Community, Paynesville City, near Monrovia, Amb. Boakai said he condemned in the strongest possible terms the despicable, cowardly attack and an act of barbarity carried out by armed men on the Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Cllr. Gloria Musu-Scott, on February 23, when her home was attacked and her daughter, Charloe Musu, was stabbed to death by so-called armed robbers.

Amb. Boakai also said that many other attacks on Liberians and residents alike, including mysterious killings, have occurred over the past five years, leaving many victims anonymous who have suffered in silence, while purported investigations by the Liberia National Police remain either nonchalant or not inclusive, thus allowing perpetrators to go with impunity.

He noted that insecurity exists nationwide because the responsiveness of our security institutions remains challenged with structural and capacity deficiencies, noting that the state security system is under-resourced. He therefore called on the Weah government to allocate increased resources to the state security as investment in peoples’ and community security instead of President Weah’s focus on elite and private security, which tends to serve him and his few officials.

He then demanded a speedy investigation into the incident at the former Chief Justice’s home and its associated circumstances, requesting that the outcome of said investigation be made public.

“The perpetrators of this heinous act must be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions,” he strongly noted. “We must not allow violence and intimidation to undermine our hard-won peace and erode the fundamental principles of freedom and democracy we aspire for in our society.”

As Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), he concluded his statement by stressing that on the heels of national and legislative elections just nine months from now, the current atmosphere of insecurity and violence portends danger that might inversely impact the government’s conduct of free and fair elections.

He emphasized that these atrocities and provocations on the nation’s peace will not deter political leaders and their partisans in the opposition community. He further reiterated that the opposition and all Liberians will continue to collectively invest in peace, by marching forward to the ballot box in October “to vote the change they deserve.”





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