Not Taking Chances Anymore -Says Dr. Boakai; As He Deflates ‘Heart Surgery’ Speculation; Stands Fit & Ready To Provide The Most Needed Leadership

      For too long, politicians and other skeptics have been ganging up to destroy the ability of former vice president, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai to govern as president by hooking the state of his health on perpetual self-imaginative heart surgery which has not also paid the expected  political dividend required for the most to please his self-styled detractors.

Trumpeting the loudest with the proclamation about his foes-declared heart surgery which has overly preoccupied the busy schedules of many in the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) as a political paved avenue to keep him out of circulation, thereby having not only a free, but very  easy ride to 2023.

Equally so, knowing that dreams don’t always come true the detractors and self-critics, finding it difficult to eat their cake and still have it, the handwriting is now vivid on the wall, the announced reported heart surgery victim has stepped out in a SKY FM phone-in-talk show on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 in Monrovia to inform his many politically ill-wishers what has actually happened to him far away from perceptions and bleak imagination.

Setting the record straight, Mr. Boakai deflated the claims that he underwent a heart surgery, rather he sought medical treatment after the election because of the stress on the campaign trail.
“I did not do a heart surgery. I went to the hospital because of the stress from campaigning. What I have is a pacemaker. People with pacemaker live up to 90yrs”.

The pacemaker is implanted under the skin of the chest, and there is no need for open-heart surgery. Dr. Boakai also refuted the assertions that he is now of age and due to his deteriorating health, he will not be up to the task.

“Some people say that Joseph Boakai is old but I want tell them that good wine comes with age. I am as strong as I can be. I am on the move every day. And I think the Liberian people want to see leadership.
Our people up country deserve the best. We are not going to take chances anymore.”

He pledged to serve for only one term if elected president. He further recounted several interventions he made while serving as Vice President.

Some of which, according to him, include the negotiations for investors, lobbying for support to the police, amicably resolving conflicts and ably advising former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as designated by the Constitution of Liberia.

-Writes GDJ


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