Not Only Badly Done, But Poorly Pursued…

There is an adage that when oil touches one finger, it could and if not for the most part, spread onward to the other fingers. Barely few days ago, and to be more precise, Monday, July 27, 2020, the national Orator, Rev., Dr. Simeon L. Dunbar in his message to all Liberians strongly cautioned us to a void, step far back away from and totally desist from any attempt, moreover venturing or engaging into jungle justice with the desire of settling scores for wrong inflicted on a specific people or segment of the country by an individual or by extension, a group; furthermore,  with a nefariously directed and clandestinely harbored scheme to unleash on behalf of a person or someone of great  fame and interest to the perpetrators.

The national Orator with all due courtesy, keenly and carefully drew our collective and undivided attention and openly maintained that we must discourage jungle justice in the name of vengeance and retribution and stressed that we must say no to mob justice, adding that there must be value and respect for every human life, whether you come from north, south, east or west of the country.

Truth crushed to the ground shall rise again, meaning, while we cannot afford the luxury in any form and manner to entertain the distastefulness of attacking our elected leaders and raining insults and degrading their characters and status; the leaders must also be soberly cognizant that one cannot twist an alligator’s tail, see it bitterly weeping in agony, and expect a lizard looking on to celebrate in profound laughter. In our quest to settle whatsoever wrong, evil or inflicted on us including disrespect that may be done against our person and  characters, the constitution clearly provides the roadmap wherein we can all, and must seek appropriate redress without resorting to violence in any form shape thereby rendering the law of the land to take its full course

While it is equally an open reality that two wrongs cannot make a right or one can use the same wrong method to right the very wrong; one standing commitment and national obligation is that the 15 counties in the Republic of Liberia is governed by all the provisions enshrined in the Constitution of which all citizens and those within its borders must adhere to; and in and through this spirit, there is no exclusive “super county” and no unique “super citizens” that function outside the Constitution nor do they have their own law not applicable to the rest of the  counties in the Republic of Liberia.

Now, information simmering from Grand Gedeh County of late concerning the fate of visiting Montserrado County District number 10 Lawmaker, Representative Yekeh Korlubah in no way speaks the language of oneness despite the existing bad blood between him and President George M. Weah, the nation’s elected leaders; the hostile approach, accommodation coupled with the reported violent vendetta unleashed against him, his security and vehicle with the county’s authority seeing fire blazing without moving in quickly to extinguish the fire is not only badly done, but poorly pursued with interpretations left  at the mercy of anyone with or without motives.

Pathetically, the silence of the national government to issue a strict and stern statement condemning the development in Grand Gedeh County and ordering calm and investigation into the fracas (even for the sake of diplomacy and quasi maturity)  also speaks volume as an eye for an eye will surely make the nation blind and govern not by law, but by heavy-hearted men pursuing and advancing transferred aggression and retaliating as “proxy warriors” in a political fray originated very far away from their homeland.

This nation and people of Liberia remembered and still record  vividly the 14-year of serious bloodbath and massive killing of over 250,000 people in what is dubbed the so-called civil crisis; did  contain several others burning factors, that needed remedy at all  cause and cost, but the dominantly erupted scenario (qualms) that made all hell to break lose gravely centered around the unsettled quarrel or row between the citizens of Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties which flared up so inhumanely that not a soul in this land felt grimly the wanton pinch and agony directly or indirectly.

The friction started simmering between two counties and people, but did not stop right there and then rather overwhelmed the entire country with misery, horror, terror, brutality and massive destruction at an unimaginable scale.

Today, some of us are laughing ha! ha! ha! in appeasement to the President, signifying solidarity for the unruly manner portrays by the lawmaker against the President’s  character; but with short memory, forget to swiftly recall and unshackle about how soon people forget? Wasn’t it yesterday we were n longer at ease; wasn’t it yesterday we thought that peace could not find us? Didn’t we run and even away believing that the nightmare could not find us? Are we reading the hand writing on the wall as must-be students of history? Is it very very clear to us that when the rain falls, it does not fall on one’s house no matter how solid your roofs may be, the landscape could be defaced or flood  could severely be problematic? Are we slowly watching another group of people and counties soon to start breathing nose to nose and do we also know that day breaks quick quick?

What is obtaining between the President and the Lawmaker is not healthy for a nation badly bruised from rift, which later develops into chronic lacerations thus exposing it with huge scar of troubled time. Few months ahead of us is an impending senatorial elections already lumbered with high tension and temptations where the maintenance of pride and political status will be tested vividly,  wherein, one prevails dominantly or be disgracefully wiped away

And what can we say to these things? So true, time to avoid the proxy war, time to look far above our respective shoulders and see a new horizon imbued with the highest degree of the sense of collective belonging; instead of gloating over some one being publicly tormented and rewarded for an ongoing row between him and anther citizen. We must meaningfully seize this time to think soberly and very carefully for the few months leading to election where challenges, trials and tribulations will face the time that tries men’s souls. Remember, he who had been bitten by a snake will never take a lizard’s tail for granted…a hint!

-Writes GDJ      




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