No Justice & Liberty For All

Liberia’s 173rd Independence Day Orator, Rev., Dr. Simeon L. Dunbar in his quest to paint a vivid picture of the unfolding uneasiness in the governance structure, borrowed few words from the nation’s pledge of allegiance that stretches justice and liberty for all, however, while the allegiance expresses justice and liberty for all, the Orator has intoned that “no justice and liberty for all”.

The Orator maintains that we must discourage jungle justice in the name of vengeance and retribution and say no to mob justice, noting that there must be value and respect for every human life.

Dr. Dunbar who also visited the motto of the mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) which proclaimed “Change For Hope”, told President George M. Weah at the 173rd Independence Day occasion that indeed we have seen the change, but openly made it clear by putting it squarely in his court about the whereabouts of the change, which according to him still remains invisible to the people who were promised and are now craving for the latter far from reality.

He again observed that “we’ve sung numerous songs as a people over many years of democracy that align with our national situation. Even to the most recent electoral process and smooth transition of power to a new government, our people sang the praises of our leader and the very famous slogan; CHANGE FOR HOPE.  Mr. President, “indeed the Change has come, now where the Hope is”?
Touching on the contract of mutual respectability between the governed and the governors the national orator pointed out that demand is a two-way street which must be upheld without second thought, adding, ‘if the people respect the government, the government also needs to respect the people.”

Rev. Dunbar noted that we cannot stand together when rumors of illegal exploitation of our God given mineral resources by foreign nationals sponsored by unpatriotic Liberian citizens go without redress to the whistle blower’s complaint, adding that the government will only be undermining itself if such conduct is allowed to go unchecked.

He stressed that while it is true that “you are faced with a very difficult task of leading a mysterious nation like ours, we would also like to encourage you to lead by example and be wise and decisive in your leadership”.

According to him, as a government, let us redefine our national agenda, with clear-cut vision, achievable, both in the long and short term. Make people-oriented policies that will redirect funds to the agricultural and production sector, thereby creating jobs throughout rural Liberia.

He urged the government to empower our local farmers and promote large scale food production, while reducing the subsidies on the importation of our staple foods and gradually ending it. The government needs to re-evaluate the decentralization policy that will empower rural Liberians to be more productive, saying that all of Liberia is farm ready and eager for production.

At the same time, Dr. Dunbar observes that these integrity institutions like the GAC, LACC, LMA, LEITI, IAA, GC, CBL, PPCC just to name a few, should be strengthened and allowed to function within their constitutional latitudes and mandates.  He called for respecting organic laws and enforcing it fearlessly, and fulfills the mandate of the Oath of office and also signals the message of confidence that government can control itself.

Dr. Dunbar  who spoke on Monday, July 27, 2020 during the official celebration of Liberia’s 173rd  Independence Day although is on July 26,  cautions that we need to do away with deep seated hatred for each other, that only provides a platform for denying opportunities reserved by our laws for Liberians to foreigners. “Can a nation love her neighbors more than herself? I say no as an answer. Empower Liberians first and foremost”, the Orator emphasized.
Moreover, Dr. Dunbar reiterated that we can stand together when our actions fall in line with our policy to control and prevent infant and maternal mortality rate in our cities and rural communities. “Yes. we can stand together when health facilities and institutions are properly equipped to discourage our government officials and citizens from seeking medical treatment abroad”, he conceded.

According to him, previous battles were won by “STANDING TOGETHER IN A TIME OF EPIDEMIC” and this Pandemic battle too shall be won sooner than later, if we stand together.
However, he stated, to win these battles certain requirements must be met. You cannot go to war and expect to subdue the enemy and win the war without the appropriate war winning plan and strategies, he lamented.

-Writes GDJ







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