No Gov’t has Ever Exploited Liberia Within a Shorter Period of Time Like Weah’s Gov’t – Bong Citizens Tell Parrot

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

Citizens of Bong County have alarmed over the widespread exploitation and looting of Liberia by the government of footballing President George Manneh Weah. In a good governance and electability survey conducted by the Parrot Newspaper from August 14-16, 2020 in the county, the citizens expressed deep-seated frustration in the CDC-led government – noting that no government had ever exploited the country within a shorter period of time like what the Weah’s government has done to Liberia. According to sons and daughters of Bong, Liberia’s fourth populated county, they voted Weah overwhelming in the 2017 presidential election considering that he Weah came from a poverty-stricken background and had endured the pain of what it means to live in unbearable hardship with the high hope that his government will focus on bettering their lives.

“Very painfully, our president and his government officials have elected to seek their own personal interests over the national interest. Our president is using the wealth of our country to build houses and ride expensive cars that he didn’t earn for himself throughout his footballing career as former World best, African best and European best, setting the stage for his officials to acquire explained wealth at the expense of poor citizens“, Bong County’s citizens explained to Parrot.

The Parrot survey covered 250 respondent selected from lower and upper Bong to rate the government headed by George Manneh Weah in terms of living up to its policy promises as contained in its Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. According to the findings, 2 respondents amounting to 0.8% said the government’s performance is excellent, 5 respondents amounting to 2% pointed out that government’s performance is good, while 130 respondents amounting to 92% stated that the government’s performance is very poor and 13 respondents amounting to 5.2% said the government’s performance is poor. When the respondents were all asked concerning the government’s commitment in the fight against corruption, they intoned that the government has elected to fight corruption not. They indicted Weah and his officials for just within a year they have accumulated unexplained wealth when the women who laid down their lappers for Weah to walk over linger in despair; their children cannot go to schools because business is not running good like before. They also told Parrot that on policy to address youth unemployment across the country; their government is doing very little. Citizens in the county also frown at George Weah for constantly disrespecting their daughter, Jewel Howard-Taylor and the lack of coordination within the circle of government.

“Since the President authorized the infusion of 25 million on the market to mop up excess liquidity of the Liberian dollars through its Economic Management Team headed by Samuel Tweah, they have failed to account for the money. Both Kroll and the government’s owned reports uprooted gross abuse and misapplication of public funds intended for mop up exercise, but quite astounding, President Weah is shielding corruption and protecting Samuel Tweah and his corrupt accomplices who robbed the Liberian people“, the citizens noted.

Moreover, the citizens of Bong County told Parrot that the CB Dunbar hospital in the county is virtually non-existing because there is absolutely to medicines to treat patients. They pointed out that they are only living by the mercy of their Almighty God.

“We are very disappointed in the President that he will use our country as collateral to borrow 30 million from the World Bank and IMF in the name of providing food aid to struggling citizens but only for the money to be divided among our big government officials and selected officials of the World Food Program“, the citizens decried.

According to Bong’s citizens who spoke with Parrot in an angry mood stated that the government from the very onset of the Coronavirus crisis, closed down their businesses and other activities run by them to sustain they and their families, but the government’s ration for which their names were taken down has evidently proven to be a 419 scheme and a faraway dream. They expressed frustration and dismay in their own son, President Weah, whom according to them, came from the slum of Gibrata tasting poverty and hunger.

“Our people are dying from hunger, no good hospitals, no medicines, no jobs, and no opportunities for local farmers, people are not buying our crops like before, our children are not in schools but the only thing we see our president doing is buying all the lands in the county, owning exotic mansions and riding expensive bulletproof cars“, citizens of the county lamented.





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