No Conflict Of Interest -Regarding The US$150k Donated By Cummings To Battle COVID; But The Cummings’ Foundation Is The Implementer

A humanitarian, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has allayed the widely harbored fear and grave suspicion about the US$150,000 donated by him to enhance the war on COVID in the country, but the money was given to his (Cummings’) Foundation to implement the entire exercise., adding that the Foundation will ensure that every penny disbursed, items purchased will  be identified with credible receipts and all other activities in line with the battle against the scourge from the donation, will be accounted for piece by piece and item by item.

Speaking as guest of the Spoon Talk show via television and radio on Thursday, July 8, 2021 Mr. Cummings indicated that despite every penny spent be accounted for, to include how, when and what it was spent on, an independent spreadsheet will  be produced for the  public to view and scrutinize to meet up with legitimacy, transparency and accountability.

He noted that the Foundation has been at the forefront of implementing projects and executing through performance based on accurate disbursement of resources donated by him and others to the Foundation, adding there is a line drawn between his political activities and the work and function of the Foundation.

Mr. Cummings pointed out that the Foundation was selected to spend the US$150k in the COVID fight because he does not in any form and manner, wants to stigmatize the COVID battle with an attached spin nor politicize the honest intent of his donation to saving the many threatened lives and image of the country.

Questioned about the composition of the Foundation, Mr. Cumming declared that the Foundation has a board and members including others who contribute to the work of the Foundation. He said some friends who are part of the board and members of the Foundation are also involved with fund raising, stressing that it is one of the reasons why others who associate with many foundations do to keep the latter meet up with some of their operation expenditures

He also observes that Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, Mr. Benoni W. Urey and many others in the country have their own foundations. At the same time, he has assured the public and the world that the work regarding the COVID fight will be transparent and every piece of item provided for health centers, communities, orphanages, individuals, will be. Thoroughly and properly accounted for based on authentic record without any shady deal infiltrating and marring the process.

-Writes GDJ

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